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Not sure where to start on your career journey? Or perhaps you are facing a fork in the road after realizing new interests? If you need guidance on identifying possible career paths, regardless of where you are in your major or what year you are in school, our Exploration Career Community is the perfect place to start. Stop by our drop-in advising hours in 1515 (1515 University Ave. on The Corner) to speak with an Exploration Career Advisor and subscribe to the Exploration Career Community newsletter for weekly events, advice, and opportunities.

Choosing & Using your Major

Did you know that in a survey of UVA Arts and Sciences graduates, only 27% reported a direct connection between their undergraduate major and their current career? While there is an emphasis on choosing a major while you are in college, only a handful of jobs require specific fields of study. The vast majority of careers can be reached through countless different majors. Career Counselors in the Exploration Career Community can talk with you about your coursework, your interests, and your skills as your career goals begin to take shape.

Identify Your Interests

Career assessments and online research can help you identify career interests and give you a starting place for your job search.

The following tools are available to you through the UVA Career Center:
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Pathway U is a platform with assessments to help you identify education and career pathways that align with your unique interests and values. 

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Handshake allows you to research potential employers, browse career center and employer events, schedule a career advising appointment, and access additional resources to facilitate your career exploration.

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Virginia Alumni Mentoring connects you with UVA Alumni to explore potential career paths and learn more about the world of work. 

Connect with Career Communities

Career Communities are connected groups of students, alumni, faculty, and career center staff, interested in a specific, interconnected, group of career industries or job functions. Career Communities provide an opportunity to connect to specific, tailored industry resources and programs. Join one of our communities today.

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Steps for Success

Click on the links below for your class year guide to exploring, connecting, and taking action during your time at UVA.

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year

Explore UVA Resources

UVA Alumni Career Pathways

Are you wondering what career pathways exist after graduation?

Click here to watch videos straight from UVA alumni. 

Get Involved

Explore the clubs and organizations at UVA.


Design Your Academic Path 

Talk with your UVA Association Deans, College of Arts and Science Faculty Advisors, and College of Arts and Sciences Directors of Undergraduate Programs about your academic path, major requirements, and choosing a major.

Click here to access information on advising. 

Have You Heard About...

Drop by the Dance Studio at 1515 (2nd Floor Dance Studio) to get support with your application to the Data Science Major.

Drop by this virtual event to get support with your application to the Data Science Major. Career Counselors will be on site to help you prepare by reviewing your resume.

Welcome back, Class of 2027! We are so excited to have you return to Grounds for your second-year! To celebrate your return to Grounds, come by the 2nd Year Welcome Back Bash.

Meet the Exploration Team

Hunter Finch
Senior Assistant Director, Exploration Community
Jonathan Fries
Associate Director of Career Communities
Caroline Rudder
Director of Advising & Career Exploration

Exploration News

Making a Major Pivot: Tips and Resources for Picking Your Major

Picking a field of study is an important and exciting part of your journey as a college student! But what do you do when there are too many options to choose from? What if you apply to your dream major and don’t get accepted? What if the major you thought you wanted doesn’t feel like a fit anymore? 

What is Career Readiness?

Career readiness is essential for college students and graduates to succeed in the workplace and manage their careers effectively. It's like a toolbox of core skills that everyone needs.  For undergraduates and new graduates alike, career readiness will help you set and achieve your career goals, no matter what you study. It’s like building a solid foundation for successful future job/career opportunities.