Michelle Ball
Director of Career Communities
Brendan Boler
Director of Career Services & Assistant Professor of Public Policy
Andrew Cavanaugh
Employer Accounts and Events Manager
Chace Clay
Customer Service and Information Manager
Rebecca Coulter
Senior Associate Director, Internship Placement Program
Laura DelPrato
Associate Director, Experiential Learning & Life Transforming Programs
Terri DiCintio
Coordinator, Internship Placement Program
Samantha Domoracki Headshot
Events and Operations Coordinator
Hunter Finch
Senior Assistant Director, Exploration Community
Graduate Intern, Pre-Health Advising
Jonathan Fries
Associate Director of Career Communities
luke gioiosa
Campus Peace Corps Recruiter
Brennan Gourley
Assistant Director - Pre-Health Advising
Associate Vice President, Career and Professional Development
Kyle Hodges
Senior Assistant Director, Pre-Health Advising
Nathan Hunsaker
Associate Director of Technology, Data, and Marketing
Career Counselor - Sustainability Career Community
Maeve Konouck
Internship Placement Program Coordinator
David Lapinski
Director of Employer Relations and Experiential Education
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Kate Melton
Senior Associate Director, External Engagement
Office Manager and Assistant to Associate Vice President
Paul Paparella
Associate Director, Employer Relations
Logan Reed
Assistant Director, Pre-Law Advisor, Public Service and Government
Kristi Rolf
Career Fellow Exploration
Caroline Rudder
Director of Advising & Career Exploration
Kimberly Sauerwein
Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Initiatives
Exploration Team and Virginia Alumni Mentoring Assistant
Elizabeth Wall
Associate Director - Public Service & Government Career Community