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Career Communities are organized by industry, not major, and provide an opportunity to connect to specific, tailored industry resources and programs. Joining a Career Community gives you:

  • Tailored skill-building opportunities
  • Alumni and employer connections
  • Specialized advising office hours
  • Communication about jobs & internships

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Career Communities

Green icon, reads "Exploration"



The Exploration Career Community brings focus to your self-discovery as you explore various career paths. Find resources to guide your exploration.

pink icon, reads "Creative"



The Creative Career Community is for those interested in careers requiring a creative flair. This includes visual design, marketing, entertainments, and media.

red icon, reads "Pre-Health"



The Pre-Health Community is for those looking to practice in a clinical health profession. The primary focus of this community is to assist those looking to continue their education into medicine, dentistry and more.

orange icon, reads "Public Service & Government"


Public Service & Government 

The Public Service and Government Career Community is for those aspiring to careers in Nonprofits, Government, Public Policy, and Intelligence and Security.

yellow icon, "Business"



The Business Career Community is the place for those interested in consulting, the financial sector, retail or any other business career. Access events and information to help your job search.

light blue icon, reads "Pre-Law"



The Pre-Law Career Community will help you work toward acceptance in to a law school. Explore the field of law and find what interests you.

green icon, reads "Sustainability"



The Sustainability Career Community brings together those interested in renewable energy, natural resources or any of the other fields working together to solve complex global challenges.

gray icon, reads "Healthcare"



The Healthcare Career Community is for those looking to work in the healthcare industry but not looking to practice medicine. Contribute to individual and community health and wellness.


dark blue icon, reads "Education & Youth Development"


Education & Youth Development 

The Education & Youth Development Career Community brings together those interested in teaching, counseling, education administration, and more! Give back to rising generations.

purple icon, reads "Science & Technology"


Science & Technology 

The Science and Technology Career Community brings together those looking to put their STEM skills to work solving complex problems, performing exciting research, or innovating with technology.