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If you are dreaming of a job in a museum, production studio, design firm, radio station, art gallery, or theater—we've got advice and resources for you! Fortunately, creative industries provide a wide variety of roles and types of work, and creative work can be done across many industries. So...if you are still exploring options, with enough self-assessment, research, and networking, you can figure out how where you belong within the world of creative work. We are here to help! 

To get started, check out our curated resources on Handshake, including creative resume samples and portfolio advice.  

Job Search Timeline

Generally, you can expect most summer internships across the creative spectrum to be posted between November and March. Full time positions in creative industries (or creative roles in general) are often posted on a vacancy basis and look for immediate hires that can start working within 4-6 weeks. That means that as a creative, you could be applying and interviewing for many months!

Here is a rough guide to how your time is best used when searching for a creative job: 

  • Portfolio & resume development
  • Developing a focus (city/industry/job role)
  • Conducting informational interviews
  • Researching potential companies/opportunities
  • Finding posted opportunities
  • Refining resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills
  • Networking meetings, virtual or in-person
  • Graduate school applications (if relevant)
  • Applying and interviewing
  • Planning a relocation



Creative Industries

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