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Many industry sectors encompass media and communications functions, from education and research, to public relations, advertising, publishing and digital media. Media and communications professionals gather and process information and create and disseminate informational or persuasive content, in the form of writing, images, video, and more. Media as an industry can also encompass business roles involving finance and business development. 

Applying and Interviewing

Resumes and Cover Letters 

Your professional resume should address skills needed in your desired field and special accomplishments or results-oriented tasks you performed in previous work.   

When it comes to choosing a format, some arts or media organizations may be more tolerant of design-heavy resumes that use color, graphics, or otherwise veer from the traditional one-page resume.  Keep in mind that, regardless of the field, hiring managers are more interested in quality content (what have you done?) than visual appeal.  In fact, some employers view non-traditional resumes as a tool for masking a lack of experience. Don't let this be you! Use work samples and your online portfolio to show your design skills so you can keep your resume content-focused. 

PR Test 

Writing is an essential skill in Public Relations.  For that reason, a writing test is a standard part of any PR interview.  Interviewers may ask you to write a press release, create a social media post, or complete a multiple choice grammar/writing exam, all within a specified period of time.  In these cases, details matter, and practice can also help.

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Example Jobs

  • Blogger 

  • Copywriter 

  • Foreign Correspondent 

  • News Anchors 

  • Editor 

  • Multimedia Journalist 

  • Public Relations Manager 

  • Media Planner 

Recruiting Opportunities for Diverse Populations

T. Howard Foundation 

The T. Howard Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing diversity in the media and entertainment industry. The organization chooses a pool of the brightest college sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students to recommend for internships across business functions with some of the largest media companies in the world. The application usually opens in early September. The deadline for the summer and fall internship programs is December 1st.  The spring internship program application deadline is October 31st.   

Emma Bowen Foundation 

Founded in 1989, the Emma Bowen Foundation connects promising students of color to internships and advocates for best practices in hiring, retention, and advancement in the media and technology industries. The Emma Bowen Fellows Program provides multi-year internships to students of color at media companies across the country. Each student works as a paid summer intern for each summer following their selection as an Emma Bowen Foundation Fellow through their college graduation. The deadline for its summer internship program in early October the previous year.