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Entertainment companies include everything from film, radio, sports, and television to (now) tech companies that provide entertainment content on demand. In general, the roles in this industry include creative and production roles. Like any business, though, there are also those who work behind the scenes, such as talent agents, marketing managers, entertainment lawyers, and distribution workers.

Actor/Performer Resume

If you are pursuing a career where you’ll need to market yourself to talent agents and/or for casting calls, you need a professional headshot and an acting resume that includes different information than an employment resume document.  Union affiliation, personal details, and a list of major roles should still fit on one clean, organized page, if possible.

Job Types

  • Actors 

  • Broadcast Engineers 

  • Camera Operators 

  • Comedians 

  • Casting Agents 

  • Film and Television Producers 

  • Music Producers