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Artists and designers play integral role in many industries in today’s visual culture. Commercial artists also help business enterprises sell products and services, illustrate concepts, convey messages, and document events. Artists also create graphic works for websites, film, television, and video. Some artists specialize in storyboards and others work solely as animators, bringing cartoon characters and computer-generated heroes to vivid life. They may also specialize in visual effects, which is known as computer-generated images (CGI), designing scenery or backgrounds or creating images of actors performing.   Designers can be found in roles that involve the prototyping and creation of physical sites and products, such as packaging, buildings/interiors, websites, clothing, promotional materials, and much more. 

Promoting & Selling Your Work

Producing a creative piece you want to market and / or sell is an incredible accomplishment, and something to celebrate. There are numerous methods of promoting your work, most of which correlate to both your piece and your goal for it. Below are a few ways to publicize you and your product. 

Resumes and Cover Letters

If you are applying for a design job or internship, every document or website you create to promote your professional identity should be designed with a consistent layout, look, and feel. Consider a two-column format that allows you to showcase a list of tools and skills. Be wary of using too many images or logos, however. Use work samples and your online portfolio to show your visual design skills so you can keep your resume content-focused. 


If you are promoting your work to galleries or posting your experience on a website where you are selling work, an artist resume may be a better fit than one that is designed for employment.  Here, you would highlight awards, publications, shows/exhibitions, and competitions you participated in, as well as some statements about your artistic approach. 

Job Types

  • Cartoonists 

  • Costume Designers 

  • Digital Designers 

  • Architects 

  • Graphic Designers 

  • Production Designers and Art Directors