Internship Placement Program

Spring 2023 Applications 

Opens: Priority Applications: Monday, October 31st; 12:00am

Closes: Tuesday, November 22nd; 11:59pm (Note: IPP Interviews need to be completed by the deadline) 



Program Overview

For 45 years, the UVA Internship Placement Program (IPP) has connected students with quality professional internships. The IPP team matches you with a customized internship placement based on the best opportunities for your interests, skills, and goals. We will help you develop your skills and knowledge through a Professional Development Workshop and provide ongoing support in all aspects of your internship experience. All internship sites are pre-qualified to meet UVA standards and guidelines established for internships by the Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act.

While internship placement cannot be guaranteed, one application provides you with consideration for multiple opportunities.  Questions? Schedule a virtual IPP Advising Appointment online on Handshake or by calling the UVA Career Center at 434-924-8900. 

Partnering Organizations

IPP is fortunate to have strong partnerships with organizations across a wide variety of industries and community organizations and relationships with professionals in diverse functional roles who volunteer and dedicate their time to designing quality internship experiences for students. IPP is distinctive in its dual mission to provide valuable pre-professional experience for students and service to community businesses and organizations.


  • One application for multiple internship opportunities
  • Customized internship placement
  • Pre-qualified internships
  • Professional Development Workshop
  • Develop skills necessary for future opportunities
  • Build industry knowledge and experiences
  • Expand your network connections 
  • UVA Career Center support during internship

UNST 3510

UNST 3510 is offered during the fall and spring semesters and features topics such as organizational development, leadership, team dynamics, professional skills, and career management to deepen your understanding and internship work. The course is completed concurrently or post-internship and combines a mix of in class and virtual forum; multiple course sections are offered for maximum scheduling flexibility. Most internship sites require credit due to employment policies. Please be sure to consider session duration, required internship hours, AND one-credit UNST 3510 course each semester in your semester planning. A maximum of two credits of UNST 3510 enrollment (or two semesters of IPP placement) can be completed.

UNST 3510: Internship Reflection encourages students to explore their internship experiences through assignments, readings, and class discussion. As students gain exposure and a deeper understanding of their internship, they engage in projects and activities in the seminar that provide opportunities to further examine their personal and professional goals, interests, values, and talents. The seminar has two topics that are taught in sequential semesters: Self and Organizations and Teams, Leadership, & Organizations.

Self and Organizations is focused on self-exploration in relationship to the complexities and structures of the professional organizations in which students gain field experience as interns. Through career assessments and Design Thinking creative strategies, students develop mindsets and tools to conceptualize career “prototypes” unique to their individual talents, experiences, interests, and goals. This seminar gives students an opportunity to reflect on their internship experience and make valuable connections between their academic studies and future professions.

Teams, Leadership, & Organizations builds upon the content covered in Self and Organizations by focusing on exploring the dynamics of teams and leadership within the structures of the organizations in which students gain field experience as interns. Through team assessment, case studies, and a team project, interns develop mindsets and tools to enhance their understanding and effectiveness in leading and serving in organizations with their unique talents, values, and interests.

Reflection, processing, and group discussion are regularly utilized in the seminar experience. Since the seminar is restricted to students participating in the IPP program, students taking the course reflect on their internship experiences as a cohort. Seminar enrollment is capped at 25 students per section.


  • Enrolled as a full-time UVA undergraduate student
    *Priority is given to upperclassmen 
  • Overall and major GPA of at least 2.5
  • Good academic standing and clear disciplinary record
  • Meet the health, age, academic, security, and/or related internship criteria of the sponsoring IPP organization
  • Commit to the program requirements, policies, and professionalism
  • Enroll/complete one credit UNST 3510 course (IPP can be take twice for credit; 2 credit maximum)


In accepting an IPP internship, students agree to complete the following:

  • Academic Year/Semester Session requires 10 hours/week for the duration of the session (see dates below)
  • Summer Session requires 20 hours/week  (see dates below)
  • Mandatory IPP Intern Orientation & Professional Skills Workshop
  • IPP Reflections of the Week journal for each week of the session (Summer Session only)
  • Enrollment and completion of UNST 3510 for each IPP session
    • Academic Year interns take UNST 3510 twice; once in the fall and once in the spring
    • Summer interns take UNST 3510 once in the fall semester after their internship 
  • Adherence to IPP professional conduct policies and human resource policies outlined by hosting organization
  • Intern Performance Evaluation
    Note:  Students are not permitted to pursue IPP internships outside of the program; doing so is a violation of program policies and requirements that ensure quality internship experiences.

Upcoming Sessions

  • Fall 2022 Session: 8/23/2022 - 12/06/2022 
  • Spring 2023 Session: 01/18/2023 - 05/02/2023

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