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Do you want to address complex challenges affecting our world today? Consider a career in sustainability where you can work to find solutions to global environmental challenges like climate change, water and energy futures, and environmental justice. There are myriad ways that your passions can be channeled into meaningful work on behalf of the environment—through government, private industry, nonprofit work, NGOs, and more! Use these resources to explore industries, find rewarding opportunities, and connect with alumni and employers. 

Job Search Timeline

Hiring timelines for jobs and internships vary by industry, so it’s important to get to know the timeline for your target industry. In general, large organizations or those with more competitive opportunities will hire earlier in the academic year.  Know that most nonprofit and public sector organizations hire internship and full-time opportunities based on immediate need. Some positions may become available in late spring/early summer, so you should continue to look for opportunities throughout the academic year and beyond. See the chart below for some examples of recruiting timelines and target industries, but again, note that these are general guidelines. While it's important to start early and be aware of deadlines, your job search will and should follow its own path. 

(January - April) 4-5 months in advance 

  1. Federal, State, and Local Government 

  1. Utilities Companies 

  1. Forestry Companies 

  1. Real Estate Development Companies 

  1. Market Research Companies 

  1. Nonprofit and NGOs 

  1. Land Trust Organizations 

*Sustainability opportunities within the consulting industry at large firms will generally follow the consulting recruitment timeline (June-October | 8-12 months in advance) 

Notable Community Achievements

  1. Where do UVA alumni work?  

    • US Environmental Protection Agency

    • ICF

    • The Nature Conservancy

    • US Department of Energy 

    • Apex Clean Energy 

  2. Green jobs “rose from 9.6% in 2015 to 13.3% so far in 2022 (a growth rate of 38.5%)” according to LinkedIn’s Global Green Skills Report 2022. 

  3. There are over 130 sustainability-related courses and over 300 faculty involved in sustainability related research at UVA. 

Have You Heard About...

Come hear from UVA alumni as they share their experience working as a Sustainability Consultant.

Interested in working in clean energy but not sure where to start or what roles are available?

Sustainability Professions


Strategy Analyst, The Nature Conservancy

Allison is a Strategy Analyst for the Global Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Program with The Nature Conservancy. Currently working with the Latin America region, Allison strives to assist in "securing rights to natural resources, strengthening leadership and capacity, participating in multi-stakeholder dialogue and decisions, and creating sustainable economic development opportunities." 

Major:  Spanish (Bachelor), Natural Resources and International Affairs (Masters) 
College:  University of Virginia, American University and United Nations University for Peace (Masters) 


Environmental Management Specialist, Chemonics International

Chris is an Environmental Management Specialist serving as the Chief of Party for the ATLAS Project at Chemonics International. He works with government agencies and global clients to assess and forecast the effects of climate change on their ecosystem and to then present operational plans to alleviate the potential damage.

Major:  Economics (Bachelor), Urban and Environmental Planning (Masters) 
College:  University of Virginia 

Meet The Sustainability Community Team

Career Counselor - Sustainability Career Community
Logan Reed
Assistant Director, Pre-Law Advisor, Public Service and Government
Elizabeth Wall
Associate Director - Public Service & Government Career Community

Sustainability News

Summer Experiences in Sustainability


This semester, the Career Center and the Environmental Thought & Practice program held an event highlighting the summer experiences current ETP students have engaged in. Hear from current 4th year Sophie (double major in Environmental Thought & Practice and Environmental Science) and current 4th yea