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The Peace Corps and the Career Center have been partnering for several years to help students learn more about serving with the Peace Corps and support them as they embark on this life-defining experience. UVA is one of only two universities in Virginia to have a dedicated Peace Corps staff member available to meet with interested students and community members and assist with the application process. 

Established in 1961, the Peace Corps sends thousands of American citizens abroad every year to live and work in over 60 countries around the world. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels.

What does the Peace Corps look for in applicants?

  • Experience in volunteering and community outreach
  • Experience in leadership roles and working independently
  • A solid academic background
  • A desire to learn about the world and serve others
  • The ability to live and work in a challenging setting that is potentially very different from the US
  • A 27-month commitment to service in a developing foreign country

Ready to apply?

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Or contact the UVA Peace Corps Campus Recruiter at [email protected].

Compensation and Benefits

During a volunteer’s service, the Peace Corps covers all expenses, including:

  • Travel to and from the country of service
  • Living and housing expenses
  • Full medical coverage and vacation time

Upon successful completion of service, each volunteer receives: 

  • A readjustment allowance (over $8,000)
  • Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE) for jobs with the federal government
  • Exclusive opportunities for graduate degrees
  • Access to a broad and active network of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

In short, almost all employers and graduate schools love to see Peace Corps service on your resume!

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