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LinkedIn Learning


If you are looking for ways to increase your skills in a particular industry or job function, LinkedIn Learning offers learning paths to accomplish just that. Think of these pathways as playlists of LinkedIn Learning courses designed to increase both knowledge and skill development. Courses are taught by different expert instructors and can all be added to your profile upon completion. 


There are more than 70 learning paths currently on LinkedIn and a selection of featured learning paths can be found on your Learning homepage.




The Career Center has partnered with UVA Online Learning to provide free access to a number of Coursera courses.  

What is Coursera?
Coursera is an opportunity for students to foster and refine their career readiness by taking flexible, online classes that are designed to help them develop skills and knowledge for the professional world.

What courses are included?
UVA has a partnership with Coursera and courses have been developed specifically for our students based around career-readiness. In addition, Google has recently partnered with UVA to bring courses that lead to a Google Cloud certification.