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Student services or student affairs roles at universities and K-12 schools support student growth and development outside the classroom. Positions in student affairs vary depending on the size of the school, how the school is funded (private or public), the school’s mission, the school’s population, and other considerations. Student services or student affairs may be a good fit for you if you are interested in advising students, planning programs and workshops, providing resources, or collaborating with student groups.

Student Service Roles

Here are some departments within universities and K-12 schools (particularly private and independent
schools) where student affairs professionals may work: 

  •  Academic advising 
  •  Admissions 
  •  Financial aid 
  •  Career services 
  •  Residence life 
  •  Diversity and inclusion 
  •  Student activities 
  •  International student services/study abroad programs

Graduate Resources

A master’s degree in higher education or student affairs can be a great way to advance your career in student services/student affairs. Visit our Graduate School page to learn about things to consider, application materials, and more! Consider using NASPA’s Graduate Program Directory to search for master’s degree programs in higher education, student affairs, and other related fields.

Check out our Education & Youth Development Resource Card for more information.

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