Hover over each card to learn more about the different types of events held by the UVA Career Center to help you in your career development. 

Career Fairs Button

Career Fairs


Career fairs are events held by the UVA Career Center that provide students an opportunity to explore jobs and meet employers. 



Group Advising Button

Group Advising


Group advising provides multiple students with specialized guidance from career counselors.


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Networking Events


Networking events are opportunities for students to connect with people that can help grow their network such as UVA alumni and potential employers.


Career Panel Button

Career Panel


Career panels offer students a chance to get answers and learn more about a particular field from industry professionals in a question and answer event format.



Mock Interview Day Button

Mock Interview Day


Mock Interview Days gives students an opportunity to sharpen interview skills while exposing them to the formats and conditions of a real interview.


Resume Marathon Button

Resume Marathons


Resume marathons hosted by the UVA Career Center are great opportunities for students to have their resumes reviewed by alumni and employers.