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The Work in Progress podcast was created to help students understand and navigate the world of work. Hosts Kate and Jessie bring the UVA Career Center to your headphones!  Brought to you by the UVA Career Center and WTJU 91.1 FM.  

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Available Episodes

Resume Myths

In our debut episode, we tackle resumes. Tune in to learn: how can you get your resume past a screening algorithm, what counts as “work experience,” AND when to mention Spongebob Club. 

What to Cover in a Cover Letter

Jessie proves that anyone can write a cover letter about their strengths by applying to a surprise job application from Handshake. Listen to learn Kate’s two-column chart strategy for choosing what to include in your cover letter.

Lets Face It, People Have Interview Anxiety 

It’s grown-up time. In this episode, we help you through the awkwardness of interviews. From one-way video interviews to negotiating travel expenses, to what to do when you’re waiting in the lobby. If you have interview anxiety, we have answers. 

Do I have to talk to strangers?

Kate tries to convince Jessie that networking is important. Tune in to learn how to find the 80% of jobs that are never posted online. Plus some tips for talking to strangers without feeling like a “leech.”

Undercover at the Career Fair

Meet Jamie Wright, a real-live human recruiter. She gives us the scoop on what recruiters are looking for at a career fair and in an applicant. 

To Grad or Not to Grad

We can’t tell you if you should go to Grad School or not. But we have a lot of questions that can help you (and Jessie) figure it out! 

Our Two Cents 

In this episode we help you figure out how to answer questions like: Can I afford to take an unpaid internship? Should I live at home after college? How should I negotiate my salary offer?

Alumni Spotlight: Tyler Saunders 

Tyler talked about coordinating a plot at Foxfield in his interview with Capital One and got the job! He shares how his Psychology major has been useful in his role as Marketing and External Affairs Manager for Capital One Center and why it's important to have hobbies outside of work.

Alumni Spotlight: Hannah Pak 

Hannah had a winding path to become a User Experience Designer at a satellite company. She talks about Human-Centered Design, mentors she’s had along the way, and how she told her parents she was going to drop Pre-Med to study Studio Art.



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