Part-Time Jobs & Student Employment

Many students visit the UVA Career Center to inquire about on-Grounds and local employment opportunities. Opportunities exist on-Grounds as well as in the surrounding community. Handshake is UVA's comprehensive employment management system and is a centralized resource for student employment.

Federal Work Study (FWS)

The FWS program is dependent on the student applying for financial aid through the FAFSA and qualifying based on their financial need. Students who are eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS) can view our resource page to learn more about the basics of the program. 

Search for Opportunities


Hiring for the academic year will begin in July.  Both work-study and non-work-study part-time positions on Grounds and in the local Charlottesville community will be posted on Handshake


Students must complete the mandatory paperwork through the Business Operations area within their hiring unit before beginning work. These forms are required by law and include the INS I-9 form, the W-4, and M-4. The University requires students to have a Direct Deposit Decision form on file as well. Students should not apply for jobs until they've completed these forms. 


Student employment rates begin at minimum wage in Virginia at $7.25/hour and increase depending on responsibility, prior experience, and area of the University.

Preparing for the Job

Stop by our Career Center Express office in Newcomb 170, or our 1515 location (on the 2nd floor) between 1-5pm Monday-Friday to work on your resume, cover letter, and any other application materials.  You can also schedule a one-on-one appointment with the career counselor via Handshake, or call us at 434-924-8900. 

How will this help me?

Student employment offers you exposure to different organizations, work cultures, and functional roles. Students who work summer or part-time jobs during the academic year develop strong transferable skills to internships and professional positions. These employment opportunities can also help you establish a network of referrals and key contacts in your intended industries of interest. Student employment provides many students with the ability to support their financial needs while attending UVA.

Choosing a Part-Time Job

While applying for a part-time job is often economically motivated, consider your options after receiving an offer. Do not necessarily take the first job you receive; part-time jobs should be seriously considered.

Consider the following factors:

  • Make sure your part-time job search is varied, allowing you to explore your options.
  • Ask yourself, "What are my priorities for this job?" and "What is it that I enjoy doing?" Is it important that you earn income or have a flexible schedule? What are the activities, interests and tasks you enjoy doing? Apply to jobs that fulfill those needs.
  • Evaluate time commitments. Typically part-time positions on and around Grounds require anywhere from 3 to 15 hours per week.  Evaluate your schedule and demands to be sure you are ready to make that commitment.
  • Consider the wage offered. How much will you need to make?  Can you negotiate a higher wage because of previous experience? Don't forget to factor in things like commuting costs if you work off-Grounds.
  • Does it demonstrate interest in a desired industry? Will this part-time job help you gain relevant experience in an industry/career you want to enter in the future? This is the ideal, so don't worry if you can't find a part-time job that directly relates to the industry, but tailor your resume to fit opportunities you apply for.

Will I get paid?

Student employment positions typically offer an hourly rate at minimum wage or slightly more depending on role/experience and type of organization.  

Can I receive Academic Credit?

Student employment is typically not eligible for academic credit given these are paid positions.

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