J-Term & Spring 2021 Health-Related Courses

Claire Cornell
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Uncertain about what to take in J-Term or Spring? Consider these health-related courses!

*Note: This is not a complete listing of health-related courses or pre-requisite requirements. Please speak with your academic advisor and pre-health advisor when solidifying course selections. Find additional information regarding the pre-requisites for your profession of choice in the Academics section here.

J-Term 2021


GSGS 2211

Environment, Health, and Development in Africa

GSGS 2559

Global Challenges, Local Responses

GSGS 4559 Community Organizing, Public Health, South Africa
PLAD 2500 Pandemics Beyond the Headlines: COVID-19
PSYC 2559 An Introduction to Cognition and Cognitive Biases
PSYC 3559 How to Build a Healthy Human Brain 
GNUR 5390 Overview of US Health Care
NURS 4559 Sex & Intimacy in the Time of COVID-19
STS 2500 American Health Care, Challenges and Opportunities
WGS 3559 The Politics of Motherhood


Spring 2021


Health Professions Pre-Req or Recommended Course Options

ANTH 1010

Intro to Anthropology


ANTH 2280

Medical Anthropology


ANTH 3290 Biopolitics and the Contemporary Condition  

ANTH 5630

World Mental Health


BIOL 1040

The DNA Revolution in Science & Society


BIOL 2200

Intro Biology w/ Laboratory

Medicine, Dentistry, PA, Vet, Pharm, Optometry, PT

BIOL 3000

Cell Biology


BIOL 3010

Genetics & Molecular Biology


BIOL 3020 Evolution and Ecology  
BIOL 3040 Developmental and Regenerative Biology  
BIOL 3090 Our World of Infectious Disease  

BIOL 3240

Introduction to Immunology

Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, PA, Vet

BIOL 3250

Introduction to Animal Behavior


BIOL 3270

General Microbiology with Lab

Dentistry, Pharmacy

BIOL 3420

Human Anatomy & Physiology II

PA, Vet

BIOL 4005

Functional Genomics Laboratory: Disease Mechanisms & Cures

Dentistry, Optometry, PA, Vet

BIOL 4090

Environmental Public Health

Dentistry, Optometry, OT, PA, PT

BIOL 4280

The Genetic Basis of Behavior


BIOL 4610

Molecular Evolution: Diversity, Mutants, & the Biological Myth of Race


CHEM 1400

Foundations of Chemical Principles


CHEM 1420

Introductory Chemistry II

Medicine, Dentistry, PA, Pharm, PT, Vet

CHEM 1421

Introductory Chemistry II Lab


CHEM 1500

Chemistry for Health Sciences


CHEM 1620

Introductory Chemistry II for Engineers


CHEM 1621

Introductory Chemistry II Lab for Engineers


CHEM 1820

Principles of Organic Chemistry (accelerated)


CHEM 1821

Principles of Organic Chemistry Lab (accelerated)


CHEM 2321

Organic Chem Lab II (for Non-Chem majors/minors)

Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Vet

CHEM 2420

Organic Chem II

Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Vet

CHEM 2421

Organic Chem Lab II (for Chem majors/minors)

Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Vet

CHEM 2820

Principles of Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics (Accelerated)

Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Vet

CHEM 4420

Biological Chemistry II

Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Vet

CHEM 4440 Biochemistry for Pre-Health  

ECON 2010

Principles of Microeconomics


ECON 2020

Principles of Macroeconomics


EDHS 2230

Drug Awareness


EDHS 2240

Substance Abuse


EDHS 2250

Stress & Anxiety Management


EDHS 3110

Understanding Autism


EDHS 3240

Peer Health Education


EDHS 3895

Peer Counseling Theory & Skills


EDLF 2080

Fundamentals of Health & Social Sciences


EDLF 3150

Introduction to Child Growth & Development


EDLF 3170

Introduction to Adolescence


EDLF 3180

Lifespan Development


EDLF 3610

Immigrant Youth & Families


EDIS 3012

Mindfulness in Health and Human Development


ENWR 1510

Writing & Critical Inquiry


GNUR 5230

Ethical & Legal Issues in Health Care


GNUR 5390

Introduction to US Health Care System


KINE 2850

Medical Terminology

KINE 3400 Nutrition  

KINE 3420

Contemporary Health Issues


KINE 3450

Exercise & Nutrition Medicine


KINE 3630

Emergency Medical Care


MATH 1210

A Survey of Calculus I


MATH 1220

A Survey of Calculus II


MATH 1310

Calculus I


MATH 1320

Calculus II


NUIP 3230

Spanish for Health Care Providers


NUIP 4430

Introduction to Statistics in Health Care Research


PHS 3050

Fundamentals of Public Health


PHS 3104

Intro to Epidemiology: Methodological and Ethical Considerations


PHS 3825

Global Public Health: Challenges & Innovations


PHS 4050

Public Health Policy


PHYS 1425

General Physics I (for engineering & physics students)


PHYS 1429

General Physics I Lab (for engineering & physics students)


PHYS 2020

Principles of Physics II (for pre-health students)

Medicine, Optometry, OT, PT, Vet

PHYS 2040

Principles of Physics II Lab (for pre-health students)

Medicine, Optometry, OT, PT, Vet

PHYS 2415

General Physics II (for engineering & physics students)

Medicine, Optometry, PT, Vet

PHYS 2419

General Physics II Lab (for engineering & physics students)

Medicine, Optometry, PT, Vet

PLAD 2500

Politics, Poverty, & Health

Medicine, Optometry, PT, Vet

PSYC 1010

Introductory Psychology

Medicine, Optometry, PT, Vet

PSYC 2150

Introduction to Cognition


PSYC 2410

Abnormal Psychology

MCAT preparation // Optometry, OT, PT, PA

PSYC 2600

Social Psychology


PSYC 2700

Child Psychology


SOC 1010

Introductory Sociology

MCAT preparation

SOC 2220

Social Problems


SOC 2442

Systems of Inequality

MCAT preparation // OT, PA

SOC 3700

Health and Society

MCAT preparation // OT

SPAN 3050

Spanish for Medical Professionals


STAT 1100

An Introduction to Statistics


STAT 2020

Statistics for Biologists