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Your Resume

Did you know that some employers actually look for athletes when reviewing resumes? You have developed important skills as a student-athlete that make you an attractive job candidate! See some below.

Don't have a resume? Need help starting one? We can help with that too! Please come see us at our office hours in Newcomb.

Transferable Skills of an Athlete:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Confidence
  • Working well under pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Discipline
  • Time Management
  • Goal-setting
  • Commitment
  • Self-motivation
  • Teachability

Whether you choose to include your involvement in athletics under the heading “LEADERSHIP,” “ATHLETICS” or “EXPERIENCE,” use strong action words to describe your accomplishments and skills.

Positive Action Verbs:

  • Achieved
  • Established
  • Motivated
  • Developed
  • Mentored
  • Initiated
  • Oversaw
  • Collaborated
  • Influenced
  • Recreated
  • Directed
  • Led


  • Voted Most Valuable Oarswoman as freshman team member
  • Demonstrated ability to willingly accept challenges and make decisions under pressure
  • Built positive relationships with other team members through teamwork, communication skills and positive work habits
  • As a student-athlete, it may be difficult for you to pursue internships, volunteer opportunities or employment. To fill these gaps on your resume, include a “SUMMARY” section that explains the commitment it takes to participate in (Division 1) athletics. 

Other ways to fill a resume:

  • Set your margins at 1.3” and use the maximum font size (12 point)
  • In the “EDUCATION” section, include a list of Relevant Courses for the job to which you are applying
  • Include any experience in public speaking to the media or before groups of children, at camps, schools or conferences
  • Include any coaching or training you have done; emphasize communication, organizational and motivational skills

Job Search and Networking Tools

Gaining Experience

Externships are self-initiated, short-term shadowing opportunities which would allow you to “test” out a career of interest and gain experience. Externships are ideal for you as a student-athlete because they can be completed at any time that is mutually convenient for you and the employer.

Additionally, getting involved in the University Internship Program (UIP) is a wonderful way for rising 4th year students to get hands-on experience while earning academic credit. UIP is coordinated out of the Cooper Center for Public Service.

UVA Career Center is a great place to start your research. Your team and the alumni from the program can be a great place to start! Check out our networking information and resources here.

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