First Generation College Students

This page aims to provide career resources and support for First Generation College Students. 

I’m First - This website offers an online space for current and incoming First Generation College Students to share their experiences with each other and offer support (check out the blogs to read about the experiences of students just like you!).

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Career Resources

Getting Started:

If you have questions about what to major in, how to apply for internships, graduate school or the job search, make an appointment with UVA Career Center to have a conversation with a career counselor.

Job Search and Networking Tools

  • Handshake - This is the official job/internship platform for the university. It allows you the flexibility of personalization in your job search while also providing valuable career resources that are only available to UVa students

  • How to Help First Generation Career College Students Succeed

  • I'm First: An online community providing first generation college students with the inspiration, information, and support on the road to and through college

  • Search for Internship Opportunities - This is a comprehensive web page that lists all of the most useful tips you’ll need for your internship search

  • First Gen Nonprofits - This website provides links to nonprofits throughout the US that are dedicated to helping First Generation students excel in their education

  • Young Invicible (YI) Scholars Program - The YI Scholars program offers first-generation college students the opportunity to join the Young Invincibles team in working on today’s most pressing economic issues facing young adults. Scholars serve as integral members of Young Invincibles and YI Advisors departments for the 10-week paid program, helping to support research projects, policy initiatives, digital and traditional media strategies, on-the-ground organizing, issue advocacy campaigns, consulting, and beyond.
  • Relationships Help First Generatino Students Reach Higher

  • Tips for First Generation College Students

UVa Student Groups and Resources

Resources for Connecting with other First-Gen Students and Faculty:

  • UFUSED at UVA - The United for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity chapter at UVa aims to foster an inclusive university environment, regardless of socioeconomic status, by advocating for the success of lower income and First Generation students
  • Center for Undergraduate Excellence - The CUE seeks to give students the opportunity to grow intellectually by offering resources that can help students find scholarships, fellowships, research positions, and post-graduate programs
  • Access UVA Student Support - The Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS) provides students who are receiving financial aid from the university support in the form of one-on-one meetings; programs related to financial literacy, housing, study abroad, etc.; and outreach dedicated to promoting the academic and emotional wellbeing of students
  • First in Their Families: Connecting UVA’s First-Generation Students, Faculty - This article discusses the resources available on Grounds that promote the success of First Generation students at the university

If you are interested in applying for an unpaid internship, there are many opportunities on grounds to apply for financial support. Here are some resources for internship or research funding:

Resources for Scholarships/Fellowships at UVA:

Resources/Tips for Studying Abroad:

  • Visit Study Abroad and Summer Study Abroad website.
  • Discuss the variety of program options (based on your region of interest) with an education abroad advisor to identify program options that meet your needs.
  • Visit Student Financial Services during their walk-in hours to meet with a financial aid counselor. Bring your draft list of programs with you to hear about financial aid options for these programs. Visit Financial Aid for more information about how to finance study abroad.

Additional Information and Resources

Alumni Stories

Reginald G. Benbow Jr. ('11)