AccessUVA Student Support

This page aims to provide career resources and support for AccessUVA students. 

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Career Resources

If you have questions about what to major in, how to apply for internships, graduate school or the job search, make an appointment with UVA Career Center to have a conversation with a career counselor. If you are interested in applying for an unpaid internship, there are many opportunities on grounds to apply for financial support. Here are some resources for internship or research funding:

Job Search and Networking Tools

UVA Student Groups and Resources

Make sure to visit the Access UVA Student Support page on the Office of the Dean of Students website and how you can meet with a dean for one-on-one support. Here are additional helpful resources from around the university:

Student Groups

  • UFUSED at UVA - United for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity

Resources for Scholarships/Fellowships at UVA:

Resources/Tips for Studying Abroad:

  • Visit Study Abroad and Summer Study Abroad website.
  • Discuss the variety of program options (based on your region of interest) with an education abroad advisor to identify program options that meet your needs.
  • Visit Student Financial Services during their walk-in hours to meet with a financial aid counselor. Bring your draft list of programs with you to hear about financial aid options for these programs. Visit Financial Aid for more information about how to finance study abroad.