Thank-You Letters

A thank-you letter should be written after every interview with an employer. Send the letter within a week after the interview. However, if a week has passed and you still haven’t written your letter, send the letter anyway. A late letter is better than no letter at all. Even in cases where your interest in the company is low, a simple thank-you note as a follow-up to your interview can help keep your options open for the future. You should always try to leave a good impression. 

A thank-you note may be word-processed or handwritten. If you mail a letter, it should be written on plain white, gray or off-white stationery and follow the business letter format. The letter should be addressed to the person with whom you had the interview. Check to make sure you have the person’s correctly spelled name and title before sending the letter. If you had an interview with more than one person, you should send letters to each person with whom you spoke. If you met with more than 6-8 people, however, you can simply send a letter to the person who coordinated the visit and mention the names of all the people you met. (Emailing a thank-you note is acceptable if you and your employer have already used email for correspondence.)


A thank-you note usually has three main paragraphs. 

First Paragraph

Thank the interviewer for meeting with you and refresh his or her memory by stating the time and date of your meeting as well as the position discussed and the topics that were covered. 

Second Paragraph

Reaffirm your interest in the organization. You may want to mention any personal characteristics, work experience, or other information that may be pertinent to the position but was not mentioned in the interview. If you feel any of your responses were inadequate during your interview, this is also the opportunity to provide a more well thought out response. 

Final Paragraph

Wrap up what you have said in the preceding paragraphs and offer the employer a phone number where you can be reached for further questions. Another phrase thanking the employer for his or her time and consideration is usually added to close the letter.

Thank You Letter Samples

Check out these sample thank you letters to start crafting your own!

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