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The University of Virginia Career Center provides a wide array of programs and services to empower students to take ownership of their continuous career development process. Career programs are a great way to actively explore interests and develop skills to effectively and efficiently achieve individual career goals.

Career Programs can be scheduled for organizations, classes, or events. Programs typically last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Program request forms must be received at least two weeks prior to the proposed program date.

COLA Class

Available only during the fall semester. Request to have a member of the Career Center Team present to your COLA class during the fall semester.


UVA Organization, Event, or Class

Career Programs can be scheduled for organizations, classes, or events.  Programs are only offered during the fall and spring semester.


List of Programs

Programs typically last between 45 minutes to 1 hour and are often fulfilled by our Career Peer Educators. Career Peer Educators serve as ambassadors of the Career Center to the student body, and are trained by career counselors on various aspects of the career planning process – everything from interviewing and job search resources to resume and cover letter reviews – so that CPEs can offer one-of-a-kind advice as student leaders for their peers on almost any career-related topic. The Pre-Health Advising Overview is fulfilled by our Pre-Health Advising Peers. Pre-Health Advising Peers (PHAPs) are trained pre-health undergraduate students who serve as ambassadors of the Pre-Health Advising team.

What Can the Career Center Do for Me?

Unsure of the services and resources provided by the Career Center? This program highlights the resources available such as major advising, career/graduate school exploration, and internship/job search support. In this workshop you will develop a plan for how to utilize the Career Center throughout your time at UVA.

Pro tip: The earlier you visit the Career Center the easier it is to get that internship or job you want down the road!

Handshake 101

Want to get the most out of Handshake? In this workshop, you will learn how to navigate UVA's main job and internship portal. This is where you apply for on and off grounds jobs, internships and more. It's also filled with resources and other connections to support your career goals.

Resumes, References & Cover Letters

Did you know that employers spend an average of 15 - 30 seconds reviewing a resume? Make yours stand out! Cover letters and references are important aspects of your internship or job application and hard to get right. Learn what recruiters are looking for in professional documents and how you can improve yours through content and formatting to catch their interest. Additionally, Thank You notes and other professional correspondence etiquette will be covered in detail.

Networking 101: Networking Platforms & The Hidden Job Market

Are potential employers paying attention to your online presence? Yes! Developing a LinkedIn Profile is one way you can begin creating your professional brand online. In this workshop you will learn how to make your LinkedIn profile a selling point rather than a stumbling block. Presenters will share information on how to establish and improve your profile, utilize search features to find and connect with alums and potential employers and draft professional messages to future contacts.

Acing the Interview (virtual and in-person)

The greatest asset for interviewing is knowing how to prepare. This workshop will help you begin thinking about common interview questions and responses, what to take with you to the interview and who to send a Thank You note to afterwards. From a firm handshake to a strong closing statement, you’ll be well on your way to interview success.

Search Smart: Utilizing Internship/Job Resources (spring only)

So where can you find an internship or job? This workshop will actively show you how to use a variety of search tools including helpful resources in Handshake to maximize your internship or job search efforts. Bring your laptop to engage and explore the possibilities while learning how to make the process more focused and efficient.

How to Navigate a Career Fair (Virtual and In-Person)

Planning to attend an upcoming career fair? What do you say? Who do you talk to? What do you wear? This session will provide strategies for marketing yourself to recruiters and the opportunity to develop and practice your “elevator pitch.” With these tips you’ll be ready to walk into any career fair with confidence.

Pre-Health Advising Overview

Unsure of the services and resources provided by Pre-Health Advising? This program highlights the resources available such as appointments, mock interviews, candidacy assessments, and much more! In this workshop you will develop a plan for how to utilize the Pre-Health Advising throughout your time at UVA.


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Discover updates, opportunities, and trending career-related topics important to UVA students.

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