Bridge Year Options

Will taking a bridge year hurt my chances of getting accepted?

Absolutely not! In fact, the average age of students attending law school is 26. Some schools even prefer you take time to get experience before school.

What kinds of things should I be doing with that time?

Spend your time becoming a better candidate for law school with productive experiences. This could be several things from working in a law firm to traveling abroad, but avoid wasting time with unrelated jobs and activities. 

Examples of former UVA student bridge year experiences include:

  • Honors Paralegal, Federal Trade Commission
  • Technical and Legal Writing Specialist, Hudson Legal Group
  • Litigation Paralegal, Special Counsel
  • Asylum Program Intern, Physicians for Human Rights
  • Mathematics and Personal Finance Teacher, High School
  • Development Associate, United Cerebal Palsy
  • Legal Code Editor, LexisNexis
  • Marketing Associate, The Advisory Board
  • Communications Specialist, Pinebrook Consulting
  • Fellow, Americorps

Here are some things you should do before graduation:

  • Request your letters of recommendation from your instructors. 
  • Set up your LSAC account and have your recommendations collected through this account.
  • Check in with a Pre-Law Advisor to ensure you're on track.
  • If you are abroad during your bridge year(s), make sure that you have internet access and a permanent address (either in the U.S. or abroad) for receiving correspondence from schools.

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