Veterinary Medicine

Veterinarians (DVM) diagnose, treat, and research diseases and injuries of animals. They broadly conduct research and development, inspect livestock, and care for pets and companion animals. Veterinarians can effectively apply their Doctor of Veterinary degrees in a variety of settings such as the following:

  • Private Practice
  • Corporate Veterinary Medicine
  • Federal Government
  • Shelter Medicine
  • Military
  • Global Veterinary Medicine
  • Teaching (Academia or Non-Professional)
  • Public Policy
  • Public Health
  • Food Supply Medicine
  • Research


Professional Organizations:

Sources for Knowledge of the Field:

Requirements and Involvement

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Application Process

Are you prepared to enter the application process? The review process includes many factors involving academics, career exploration and clinical experience, life experience, aptitude tests, letters of evaluation, personal statements, and more. 

Application Timeline

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