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The Peace Corps and the Career Center have been partnering for several years to help students learn more about serving with the Peace Corps and support them as they embark on this life-defining experience. UVA is one of only two universities in Virginia to have a dedicated Peace Corps staff member available to meet with interested students and community members and assist with the application process. 

Established in 1961, the Peace Corps sends thousands of American citizens abroad every year to live and work in over 60 countries around the world. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels and work in Education, Health, Environment, Community Economic Development, Youth Development, and Agriculture. What does the Peace Corps look for in applicants? Experience in volunteering and community outreach; experience in leadership roles and working independently, a solid academic background, and most importantly, a desire to learn about the world and serve others. The Peace Corps asks that all volunteers be ready to commit to 27 months of service in a developing foreign country and be able to live and work in a challenging setting potentially very different from the US.

During a volunteer’s service, the Peace Corps covers all expenses, including travel to and from the country of service, living and housing expenses, full medical coverage and vacation time. Upon successful completion of service, each volunteer also receives a substantial readjustment allowance (over $8,000), Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE) for jobs with the federal government, exclusive opportunities for graduate degrees, and access to a broad and active network of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. In short, almost all employers and graduate schools love to see Peace Corps service on your resume!

Meet with the UVA On-Grounds Recruiter

If you have questions or would just like to chat about Peace Corps, please email the Peace Corps’ UVA On-Grounds Recruiter at or schedule an appointment through Handshake.

Peace Corps Drop-in Advising Hours 

Peace Corps Drop-in Advising Hours are held during academic semesters. Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Drop-in Advising hours will be posted here soon.

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Peace Corps Resume Tips

Each year the Peace Corps receives thousands of applications for a limited number of positions. Your resume is the most important piece of the application process. The Peace Corps will use your resume to determine if you have the academic, work, and volunteer experience to qualify for an assignment, so spend time tailoring it to the Peace Corps Volunteer Openings that interest you, and follow these guidelines to make your application stand out from the rest. Applicants who are not selected initially should not be discouraged and are encouraged to re-apply.

  • Target your resume to the work sector(s) for which you want to apply, and make sure it tells your whole story. You can only submit one resume with your application but can apply for up to three jobs at a time. If you want to apply to positions in more than one sector, make your experience in each area evident with different headings (e.g. "Education Experience" followed by "Public Health Experience.")
  • Your resume does not need to be limited to one page for the Peace Corps application; 2 or even 3 pages is fine. Include foreign language experience, technical skills, and any leadership roles, work and volunteer positions, and tutoring or mentoring experience (see examples of sector related experience in the resume samples below).
  • Quantify your experiences wherever possible. For each experience indicate how many hours per week or the total number of hours you worked or volunteered. If you were a tutor or teacher, make sure to note what subjects and the number of students you taught.
  • Include a "Key Qualifications" section at the top of your resume to highlight your transferable skills, sector specific experience, and personal motivation.


Sample Peace Corps Resumes

The following is a sample resume for each Peace Corps work sector, along with a list of related work and volunteer experiences to include. Because you can only submit one resume with your application, your resume can include experiences in more than one sector; be sure to separate them with headings for each sector.

Agriculture Resume

Include the following kinds of experiences:

  • Gardening and farming
  • Harvesting and storing foods and seed preservation
  • Management of soil fertility
  • Working with cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, goats, fish, or other animals
  • Food security
  • Sustainable agriculture method

Youth Development Resume 

Include the following kinds of experiences:

  • Social work and counseling
  • Professional volunteer or paid experience working with at-risk youth and their parents
  • Working with youth to promote life skills, leadership, literacy, parenting skills, HIV/AIDS prevention, sex education, health, small business development, and experiential education

Community & Economic Development Resume

Include the following kinds of experiences:

  • Volunteer and paid positions with non-profits, NGOs, and community service organizations
  • Grant writing and fundraising
  • Community organizing
  • Business management, budgeting, and marketing
  • Information technology

Education Resume 

Include the following kinds of experiences:

  • Teaching or tutoring English, foreign languages, and other subject areas
  • University teaching
  • Special education
  • Primary and Secondary school teaching
  • After school programs

Environment Resume 

Include the following kinds of experiences:

  • Environmental education with youth or adults
  • Natural resource management, watershed management, and conservation efforts
  • Sustainable agriculture and food security
  • Gardening and farming
  • Forestry, tree planting and care

Health Resume 

Include the following kinds of experiences:

  • Health education or public health outreach
  • Direct patient care (hospital, clinic, or hospice care)
  • Medical certifications (RN, EMT, CPR, Wilderness First Responder, etc)
  • HIV/AIDS or sexual health education
  • Malaria education
  • Maternal health or family planning
  • Nutrition education

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