Parents Fund Internship Grant Recipients

2019 PFIG Recipients

Name Major & Year Internship  

Liyon Afework

Finance, 2021

Embassy of Ethiopia


Rebecca Alemayehu

Political and Social Thought, 2021

Embassy of Ethiopia


Adriana Allen

Spanish and Linguistics, 2020

Riverside Health System


Amber Arnold

Batten Public Policy & Leadership and Global Studies Environments & Sustainability, 2020

US Dept. of State: Bureau of Oceans & International Environmental and Scientific Affairs  
Rebekah Boggs Art History, 2020 Franklin Furnace  

Katherine Cantone

Spanish, Media Studies Distinguished Majors Program, Latin Studies minor, 2020

Virginia Poverty Law Center


Carlos Castroparedes

Foreign Affairs, 2020

US Senate  

Sofia Chen

Commerce, 2021

24/7 Teach  

Kristina Colevas

Global Development Studies & Cognitive Science, 2020

Ashoka: Innovators for the Public


Callie Collins

Anthropology & Spanish, 2020

The Embassy of the Commonwealth of Australia


Adam Cooper

Political and Social Thought (PST) & Music, 2021

The Mrida Group


Katie Cox

Foreign Affairs, 2022

Impl. Project


Brooke Crouch

Undecided, 2022

Turning Green


Katherine DesCamp-Renner 

Foreign Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies, 2021

Churches for Middle East Peace


Clara Falls

Global Sustainability and Religious Studies, 2021

Charlottesville Food Justice Network and City Schoolyard Garden


Natalie Finman

Commerce, 2021

Lynnhaven River Now


Jennifer Flores

Global Development Studies, 2021

Habitat for Humanity


Robert Hodgson

Global Public Health, 2020

The WASH Institute

Maggie Lavoie Spanish, Global Studies - Interdisciplinary, 2021 Culmore Clinic  

Allie Lowy

Environmental Science, 2020

Kevin Rohan Memorial 


Maximus Markon

History, 2021

US House of Representatives: Committee on Oversight and Reform


Monica Norton

Foreign Affairs, 2020

Immigrants First


Meredith Palmore

Biology and Global Public Health, 2020

The Fauquier Free Clinic


Camille Petersen

Public Policy & Leadership, 2021

US Dept. of State Counterterrorism Bureau


Grace Pulliam

Undecided, 2022

Saha Global


Paul Reynolds

Commerce, 2021

Virginia InterVarsity


Chloe Rogers

Media Studies, 2020

Environmental and Energy Study Institute


Robert Schwartz

Systems Engineering and Latin American Studies, 2021

Congressional Research Service


Blaise Servier

Youth & Social Innovation, 2020

Ashoka Internship Organization


Sarah Shepherd

Youth & Social Innovation, 2021

Carilion Children's Child Development Clinic


Blair Smith

Political & Social Thought, Spanish, 2021

Ensena Peru


Hannah Sobolevitch

Public Policy & History, 2020

US Dept. of State: Bureau of Democracy


Sofie Wyatt

Foreign Affairs & History, 2020

Peace Corps


2018 PFIG Recipients

Name Major & Year Internship
Colleen Averill Global Studies Security & Justice, Anthropology
UVA 2019
Ethiopian Community Development
Anna Bostwick Cognitive Science and Psychology
UVA 2019
Becky Lee Women's Support Fund
Mariana Brazao Foreign Affairs & Latin American Studies
UVA 2019
US Commercial Services Lisbon
Katherine Cantone Spanish and Media Studies
UVA 2020
VA Poverty Law Center
Isabelle Foley Foreign Affairs & Religious Studies
UVA 2019
Churches for Middle East Peace
Shadelle Gregory Global Public Health
UVA 2019
VCU Center for Society and Health
Elizabeth Hamlin American Studies, Masters in Elementary Education
UVA 2020
Youth Life Foundation of Richmond
Ian Hardman Economics
UVA 2019
Environmental Law Institute 
Natalia Heguaburo American Studies
UVA 2019
US Attorney's Office
Sarah Hitchcock Public Policy & Leadership & History
UVA 2019
U.S. Dept of State, Office of Civil Rights 
Alyson Lee Global Public Health & English
UVA 2020
Unite For Sight
Hannah Litkowski Global Security & Justice, French
UVA 2019
James Lord Environmental Sciences
UVA 2020
US Forest Service, Dixie National Forest 
Patrick Murphy Biomedical Engineering
UVA 2020
Ankita Satpathy Politics
UVA 2019
U.S. Department of State Office of International Visitors
Olivia Sanusi Public Policy & Leadership
UVA 2019
United Nations
Bradley Skeen Policies Philosophy, Policy & Law, African-American Affairs
UVA 2019
State Department

2017 PFIG Recipients

Name Major & Year Internship
Grace Patrice Anyeti-Anum Studio Art & Biology
UVA 2018
Koforidua Teaching Hospital Internship
Ghana, West Africa
Caroline Beck Public Health 
UVA 2019
Supportive Living, Inc.
Woburn MA
Mariam Eatedali Government 
UVA 2018
US Association of Former Members of Congress
Washington, DC
Erich Froese Global Public Health/Psychology
UVA 2019
San Antonio Metropolitan Health District
San Antonio, TX
Maliha Jahangiri Public Policy
UVA 2019
Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Washington, DC
Brooke Kinsey Spanish, Global Studies- Environments & Sustainability
UVA 2018
Local Food Hub
Charlottesville, VA
Gabrielle Levet  Global Environments/Sustainability and Foreign Affairs 
UVA 2018
Global Peace Foundation
Lanham, MD
Hannah Litkowski French
UVA 2019
US State Department
Washington, DC
Brandi Logan Foreign Affairs & Spanish
UVA 2018
US Embassy
Dominican Republic
Charlotte McClintock Econ/Math/Public Policy
UVA 2019
Colorado State Public Defender
Denver, CO
Ted Obi  Psychology 
UVA 2018
Citadel Foundation For Kids
Koforidua, Ghana
Sarah Romanus  Global Development Studies
UVA 2018
Initiatives Inc.
Boston, MA
Zoe Serratelli  Psychology 
UVA 2018
District of Columbia Public Schools
Washington, DC
Humna Sharif Environmental Science and ETP 
UVA 2018
Senator Warner's Washington DC Office
Washington, DC
Stephanie Xiao Public Policy and Leadership
UVA 2018
The U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York City

2016 PFIG Recipients

Name Major & Year Internship

Elissa Boghosian

Public Policy - Batten
UVA 2018
National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide
Kigali City, Rwanda 

Jaymee Copenhaver

UVA 2017
US House of Representatives
Washington, DC

Laura Cross

Political & Social Thought
UVA 2018
US Climate Plan
Washington, DC

Madison DeLuca

Public Policy & Leadership; Global Development Studies
UVA 2017
U.S. Department of Justice
Washington, DC

Colby Dickinson

Political Philosophy, Policy & Law
UVA 2017
Summerbridge San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

Rebecca Eichmann

Leadership & Public Policy
UVA 2017
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Washington, DC

Katherine Hitchcock

Public Policy; Art History
UVA 2017
U.S. Department of State, U.S. Diplomacy Center

Vendarryl Jenkins

Global Studies: Security and Justice
UVA 2017
Department of Justice
Washington, DC

Arden Johnson

UVA 2018
Oasis Center
Nashville, TN

Callie Johnson

Economics; Global Development Studies
UVA 2017
United States Senate Committee on Finance
Washington, DC

Elise Mollica

UVA 2018
Peace Corps Internship
Washington, DC

Maia Rosewelsh

UVA 2018
Emily's List
Washington, DC

Jean Salac

Computer Science
UVA 2018
 National Science Foundation
Arlington, VA

Grant Schwab

Global Development Studies (BA)/Leadership and Public Policy (MPP)
UVA 2017 & 2018
Local Food Hub
Charlottesville, VA

Morgan Tyree

Psychology; Youth and Social Innovation
UVA 2017
Central Virginia Community College Great Expectations Program
Lynchburg, VA

Benjamin Webel

UVA 2017
Open Hands Legal Services
New York, NY

2015 PFIG Recipients

  • Joshua Cockream, Political Science ('17)
  • Acacia Dai, Computer Science ('17)
  • Sarah Dugan, Biology/Global Development Studies ('16)
  • Grace Finley, Economics/Global Development Studies ('16)
  • Samantha Guthrie, Foreign Affairs/Russian/Eastern European Studies ('16)
  • Nicole Haselden, Civil/Environmental Engineering ('16)
  • Jendayi Johnson, Speech Pathology & Audiology/Spanish ('16)
  • Love Jonson, Urban & Environmental Planning ('16)
  • Eunice Kim, Foreign Affairs ('16)
  • Alexia Koch, Anthropology ('16)
  • Saeeda Quansah, English/Spanish ('16)
  • Gloria Roh, Media Studies/Foreign Affairs ('16)
  • Gabrielle Schultz, Pre-Comm/Media Studies ('17)
  • Mary Lois Stoney, Anthropology ('16)
  • Bernice Tay, Global Development Studies/Statistics ('16)
  • Carly Taylor, French Language and Literature /Global Development Studies: Security and Justice ('16)

2014 PFIG Winners

2013 PFIG Recipients

2012 PFIG Recipients

  • Jose Argueta, History & Philosophy major ('13)  
  • Pilar Barreyro, African American & African Studies major ('13) 
  • Zodina Beiene, Biomedical Engineering major ('13)  
  • Jenna Dagenhart, Media Studies major ('13)  
  • Veronica Elkins, Modern Studies (Eng. Lit) & French major ('13) 
  • Anya Havriliak, Political Philosophy, Policy & Law major ('13)  
  • Casey Duggan, Leadership & Public Policy major ('14)  
  • Rudhdi Karnik, Government & South Asian Studies major ('13) 
  • Mary Kidd, Spanish & Foreign Affairs major ('13
  • Hyosang Kim, Biology major ('13)  
  • Paige Kimbel, Foreign Affairs & Spanish major ('13)  
  • Libby Lyon, Urban & Environmental Planning major ('14)
  • Elliot Rosenberg, Commerce & Latin American Studies major ('13)  
  • Lolan Sagoe-Moses, Political & Social Thought major ('13)  
  • Marco Segura, Government & American Studies major ('13) 
  • Rowan Sprague, Civil & Environmental Engineering major ('13) 

2011 PFIG Recipients

  • Natalie Affinito, Political Philosophy, Policy & Law (PPL) major ('13)
  • Lauren Agyekum, Nursing major ('12)
  • Kelly Anderson, Biomedical Engineering major ('12)  
  • Jacquelyn Desch, English & American Studies major ('12)  
  • Stephanie Fontana, Government & Foreign Affairs major ('12)  
  • Logan Gates, Political & Social Thought/Religious Studies major ('13)
  • Sheffield Hale, Environmental Thought & Practice;Environmental Science major ('12)  
  • Kim Howard, Economics & Psychology major ('12)  
  • Kate Jarosik, Foreign Affairs major ('12)  
  • Ithi Joshi, Economics/Global Development Studies major ('13)
  • Sydney Kastner, Sociology major ('12)  
  • Alex Kent, Government/American Politics major ('13)  
  • Elspeth Missel, Foreign Affairs major ('12)
  • Maralize Opperman, Speech Pathology & Audiology major ('12) 
  • Rowan Sprague, Civil and Environmental Engineering major ('13) 
  • Judith Yang, Urban & Environmental Planning major ('12)

2010 PFIG Recipients

2009 PFIG Recipients

2008 PFIG Recipients

2007 PFIG Recipients

2006 PFIG Recipients

2005 PFIG Recipients


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