Major Spotlight: Psychology

Sandra Aponte


What is it?

The psychology major provides a solid foundation of scientific understanding of human behavior, mental health, and habits of critical thinking. The major prepares students to advance in careers in which understanding, predicting and positively-influencing human behavior is key to success.

Application required?

No - Find out how to declare on the Psychology Department website

Sample courses

  • PSYC 2410 - Abnormal Psychology

  • PSYC 3235 - Introduction to Epigenetics

  • PSYC 3450 - The Psychology of Women and Gender

  • PSYC 4110 – Psycholinguistics

Post-graduate career paths

  • Lab Managers

  • Criminal Analysts

  • Education Innovators

  • HR Consultants, Real Estate Agents

  • Counselors, Psychotherapists

  • Advertising Directors

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