The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) is an assessment designed to identify your career interests by matching you with six broad basic interest areas and assigning you a 3-letter code for researching careers. Data is based on career themes, basic interests, personal style, and occupational compatibility.

What would I learn?

Rob Thomsen, JD '94

If you haven't already, spend half a day getting a career aptitude test. Try to be as open-minded as possible when you receive the results. This process will help you understand how your unique personality will thrive (or struggle) in the literally infinite number of career paths available. I did not do this until I was well past 30, and I feel like I could have been much more focused on the training and experience that a well-suited career has now brought me. Rob Thomsen JD International Business, Trade, & Commerce '94; Owner, Team Thomsen Real Estate

The Strong Interest Inventory will increase your awareness of your interests in work, school and leisure. It will also provide suggestions for occupations, majors, internships, campus organizations and activities which seem suited to the type of person you are today. You can use the results to gather additional information about your options. This assessment doesn't tell you what you SHOULD do. It provides options to consider.

How do I take the SII?

Meet with a career counselor first to determine if the Strong Interest Inventory is a good fit for your career questions. You take the assessment on your own time via a link. After taking the assessment call the main number at 434-924-8900 to set up a time to meet with a counselor again and receive your results.

What are other resources I can use that will provide similar information?

You might also consider exploring O*Net Online and browse by interests to organize careers into categories.