Congratulations on accepting your new job offer! After celebrating, it is time to take care of a couple of things before you start your new position.

The paper trail…

  • Remember to keep copies of your signed contract where you can easily reference it. 
  • Get the start date and salary in writing. It should be clearly stated on your contract.
  • Consider prior commitments pertaining to your new situation (i.e. planned summer vacations, how long will it take to relocate, etc.).
  • Start a budget sheet.


  • Identify and connect with alumni in your new city or town through alumni clubs or LinkedIn. Gain their advice about where to look for housing.
  • Connect with local Chambers of Commerce, online newspapers, and apartment finders for ideas about your new surroundings.
  • Evaluate moving costs.

Training preparation for your new position

  • Continue to research the field and the organization, as if you are still job searching.
  • Ask your new supervisor if you should read or review anything prior to starting.
  • Connect with alumni and other people you know who are currently working in this field. Get their personal accounts on how to prepare for your successful transition into the field.

This section was written with assistance from MIT’s Office of Career Services and Pre-professional Advising.