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The full-time job search can be intimidating for an undergraduate student. It doesn't have to be! Have confidence in your abilities and your challenging education. Be sure to take full advantage of the Career Center's advice and resources in the process of finding a job. 

The job search looks different for students depending on their interests and what phase of the job search they are currently in. Check out our resources for tailored advice for each phase of the job search process. 

Well-developed professional materials will open the door for you to meet and interview with employers.

You'll find that networking is one of the most important parts of the job search. Even if you have the perfect resume and lots of experience, it can still be hard to land a job. Networking in your desired career field can help you learn about trends, give you real life perspectives, and connect you with opportunities.

One of the most valuable resources you have for the job search as a UVA student is Handshake. Log in today to start searching for job listings filtered by major, location, industry, and more. Focusing on a particular industry, position, and location will guide your search and enable you to locate and effectively market yourself to the specific employers that interest you. 

The process of analyzing and then accepting or declining a job offer can be intimidating. Understanding your values and the offer process will help you choose the right job offer for you.