On-Grounds Interviewing

Jumpstart your career by participating in the University of Virginia’s On-Grounds Interview Program! Employers from all over the United States want to hire UVA students and they conduct interviews on Grounds to offer exciting full-time and internship opportunities.

If you are an employer looking to conduct interviews at UVA, please see our Employer OGI Information.


  • Students: All current University of Virginia degree-seeking students are eligible to participate in On-Grounds Interviews (OGI).
  • Alumni: UVA alumni are eligible for OGI if they have graduated within the following time frames
    • May graduates have access until the next December 31st  
    • August and December graduates have access until the next June 30th
  • Darden, Law, and Medical School Students are not eligible to participate in OGI and should seek opportunities in their respective career services offices.

OGI Orientation

To participate in OGI, you must complete the On-Grounds Interview Orientation and agree to all policies. You will then gain access to the interview section of Handshake where you can browse and apply to OGI positions. Remember to abide by these policies throughout the year or risk losing your On-Grounds Interviewing privileges.

If you have questions regarding an upcoming On-Grounds interview please call the Career Center at 434-924-8900.


Location: Scott Stadium and Rouss Robertson

Most On-Grounds interviews will occur in the football suites on the 4th floor of Bryant Hall at Scott Stadium. Take the elevators up to the 4th floor and check in at the front desk to receive your specific suite assignment.

Some interviews will take place in Rouss Robertson Hall in the McIntire School of Commerce School. Please verify your interview location in Handshake to make sure you go to the correct location! Arrive 15-20 minutes before your interview time.


Walking – Walking is the best way to travel to interviews in Bryant Hall at Scott Stadium due to limited parking options.

Bus – The Inner and Outer University Loop buses stop at the front doors of Bryant Hall. Please see bus schedules for reference.

Driving – There are very few parking spaces in the stadium parking lot so do not plan on finding a space. If you must drive to your interview, please consider the following.

Parking at Bryant Hall at Scott Stadium (Not Recommended)

  • Address: 1815 Stadium Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903
  • Students may park in the metered spaces along the back wall on the top floor of the stadium parking deck
  • Parking costs 25 cents per 20 minutes, with a maximum meter time of 2 hours and must be paid with change or with the Parkmobile App
  • If you park in a non-metered space, or do not pay the meter properly, you will be ticketed
  • Interviews will occasionally run late, so consider adding extra time to the parking meter


If you have an upcoming telephone or Skype interview with an employer and would like to reserve an interview suite in Bryant Hall with a speakerphone or Skype computer, please send an email request to handshake@virginia.edu as soon as possible. Please include the name of the employer and the date and times you would like to reserve the suite.

OGI Policies and Guidelines

The University of Virginia’s ability to maintain a high quality On-Grounds Interview program depends upon strong relationships between the university, employers, staff, and students. Please remember that participating in OGI is a privilege and that students’ interaction with employers affects the reputation of UVA as a whole. As a UVA student, you should adhere to our OGI guidelines in order to continue participating in the On-Grounds Interview Program.

Employment Integrity

  • You must provide accurate information about education, experience, grades, and qualifications on your Handshake Profile
  • You must confirm that any application materials submitted are honest, accurate, and abide by the UVA Honor Code
  • By choosing to list your Handshake profile as public, all employers registered in the system may view it
  • You should only interview with On-Grounds employers that you have researched and who interest you
  • Only claim fair and reasonable reimbursement from employers for off-Grounds interview expenses

Interview Cancellation & "No Show" Policy

You must honor your commitment to interview with companies after you have scheduled times as part of the On-Grounds Interview program. Failure to honor your commitment not only reflects poorly on you as an individual applicant, but also hurts the reputation of the University of Virginia and other students. Please respect employers' time as well as other students' ability to interview with employers of interest.

If you need to cancel a scheduled on-Grounds interview...
  • Leave your interview slot in Handshake as soon as possible, but no later than 5pm, three business days before the interview date. Hopefully other candidates interested in the company will be able to take your place. Double check and make sure that you do not accidentally keep the interview time in Handshake.
  • In the event of an emergency and you need to cancel your interview after the three business day window, you must inform both the UVA Career Center and the employer. Please reach out to the UVA Career Center to obtain additional instructions.
If you are reported as a “no show” for a scheduled On-Grounds Interview...
  • Your OGI privileges will be suspended.
  • You must reach out to the UVA Career Center with an explanation of your absence and obtain recruiters details
  • To be reinstated in the On-Grounds Interview program, you must follow all instructions communicated by the Career Center Team
  • You will be required send a written apology to the interviewer for missing your interview
  • You are obligated to honor all of the interviews that you still have scheduled with other employers if your OGI privileges are revoked
  • The Career Center reserves the right to suspend OGI eligibility on a permanent basis for repeat offenses
  • Other OGI offenses include reneging on offers, and misrepresentation on application materials

Accepting Offers

  • You should only accept an offer for employment or internship in good faith, with the full intention of honoring your commitment
  • If you accept an offer, you must withdraw from the recruiting process immediately
  • You should contact the Career Center and communicate job offer acceptance and to learn how to communicate to employers
  • You should communicate your offer acceptance with recruiters of other companies if you still have outstanding offers or interviews
  • You should contact the Career Center before considering reneging on my acceptance of a job offer
  • You should contact the Career Center  if an employer rescinds your job offer
  • You should report career outcomes in Handshake (unless I am a McIntire student)
  • If I am a McIntire Student, I will report my career outcomes in the Destinations Portfolio System

OGI Reinstatement Process

A student’s OGI privileges are suspended following:

  • A second on Grounds interview no show
  • Misrepresentation of student’s credentials

To have OGI privileges reinstated, students must:

  • Immediately schedule a meeting with a career services representative to discuss On Grounds Interviewing policies and craft a letter of apology and send to the employer.
  • OGI privileges will be reinstated two weeks following your meeting.

Inclement Weather Policy

If the University of Virginia is closed due to inclement weather, On-Grounds Interviews will not occur.

If the University is open all interviews will continue as planned unless you are informed otherwise. If you believe that you are placing yourself at considerable risk by traveling to the UVA Career Center, please speak with someone in our office by calling 434-924-8900  or call the recruiter directly. We will inform you the day before or the morning of your interview if there are any changes in format or schedule.

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