After the Interview

After you interview with a recruiter, the company or organization will take some time to determine whether or not you'd be the best candidate. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to properly follow-up. Not only can these steps set you apart from other candidates in some situations, but they also show your interviewer that you are grateful for the chance to interview and enjoyed your experience. 

Follow Up


  • Get the business cards of everyone you have spoken with.
  • Send a thank you email within twenty-four hours to thank the interviewer and stress points in your background that qualify you for the position. Thank you notes are also a must in the job search process. Letters should be sent within 2-3 days and no longer than a week after the interview. Check out our tips on How to Write Thank You Letters
  • It is usually best not to accept a job offer on the spot; state your interest and appreciation for the offer and request a reasonable amount of time to consider it, e.g. several days through 2 weeks.
  • If you do not hear from the employer for several weeks, it is appropriate to call and ask for the status of your candidacy.
  • Evaluate all aspects of the job before accepting it rather than afterward. Once you have accepted a position, the employer considers your commitment binding.

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When should I follow up with an employer after an interview?

If the employer has not given you a specific time frame for getting back to you regarding the position, two weeks is an appropriate time to wait before calling the employer. If a specific time has been communicated, wait until that time has passed before you try to contact the employer.

When can I ask about money?

The employer should first mention the topic of salary. You will be in the strongest position as a candidate if you can put off discussion about salary as long as possible. The employer may not want to discuss salary with an interviewee until a clear assessment of the candidate has been made. Several meetings may take place before salary is mentioned.

A verbal offer need not be accepted on the spot. Ask for time to think it over and ask for a formal offer letter.

I don’t want the job. Should I take the second interview just in case?

If you are asked back for a second interview but know you're not interested, let the employer know. This enables the employer to extend an invitation to another qualified candidate who may be thrilled at the opportunity to have a second interview.

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How much time do I have before I accept/decline a job offer?

The first step to take after receiving either a written or a verbal offer is to acknowledge the receipt of the offer, thanking the employer for his/her interest and showing an understanding of the terms stated. The communication does not mean that you are going to accept the offer. It simply means that you have received the offer and are giving it your consideration. At this time, it is appropriate to ask the employer how much additional time you might have to consider your options. 

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I already accepted an offer. Can I back out?

Once you accept the offer, you make a moral contract with the employer. You are morally obligated to stop looking for employment elsewhere and reject all future offers. By offering you the position, the employer also makes the decision not to give the job to other, well-qualified candidates. The decision you make will be final, so make sure that you will be able to stand by it.

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