All summer internship program options require students to enroll in UVA's Eight Week Summer Session and pay applicable tuition and fees.  The application for Summer 2018 is open and available through UVA's Education Abroad.

Application deadline is March 1st.  Please note: An interview with the UIP Team is required as part of the application process.  UIP encourages students to schedule interviews before submitting a final program application to Education Abroad.  To schedule an interview, complete your personal statement, UIP supplemental questions, and upload your resume.  See instructions in the Education Abroad application.

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The University Internship Programs (UIP) and the International Studies Office (ISO) have partnered with European Study Abroad (EUSA) to develop, build, and customize European internships for UVA students in Dublin, Ireland, during the Special Summer Session. Participating students will be able to intern in a variety of professional fields including: private sector business, political parties, law, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), hospitals, lobby groups, professional associations, and many more. Internships are determined by your interest, studies, experience, and professional and academic plans. The program includes an on-Grounds academic and administrative orientation, followed by a professional practice, unpaid academic internship, interning full-time (32 hours per week, Monday-Thursday). Program costs include tuition, housing, internship placement, administration, orientations, and a cultural exploration activities. Students in Dublin will live in centrally located, fully furnished apartments complex with easy access to public transportation.

"On-call" Faculty available.


  • Mandatory Half-Day Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Off-Grounds Distance Learning Class, Summer Semester
  • 32 hours per week at the Internship
  • Class Assignments
  • Total Duration: 8 weeks during the Summer Semester

Academic Credits Earned

4 credit hours total

Academic Seminar

The interdependence of the seminar-internship combination involves intentional learning that supports your academic, professional, and personal interests. The seminar will provide you with the opportunity to actively reflect on your internship experience, to learn more about yourself, the international workplace and culture, and life in organizations. The first meeting of your seminar will be on-Grounds prior to the end of the spring semester. Via the Internet and Collab, your UIP “faculty on call” will consult with you on a regular basis throughout your internship in Dublin. Academic credit is earned through the Department of Sociology (Sociology 4800, 4 credits). The grading basis of the seminar is Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory.

Professional Practice Internship Placement

UVA has contracted with EUSA to develop and customize internships in Dublin. Internships are available in a variety of professional fields – private sector business, political parties, law, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), hospitals, lobby groups, professional associations, and many more. Internship placement is determined by your interest, studies, experience, and academic and professional plans. In March, you will meet on-Grounds with members of the UIP and EUSA staff to discuss the internship process and requirements, and your goals and expectations.

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You will live in student-shared apartments at University College Dublin (UCD). Suites are comprised of several private bedroom units with a shared living, kitchen and shower space. These units are furnished with work station and generous storage. Launderettes are available in adjacent residence halls. A 24-hour campus security system is in place, and the location is convenient to campus restaurants, coffee shops, bookstore, libraries, health centre, travel centre, bank, and post office. UCD is 4 miles away from the Dublin City Centre and offers transport services to and from Dublin. 

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UIP 2018 Dublin Budget Sheet

Billable Items

Students are responsible for billable study abroad tuition, program fees, and the non-refundable deposit once they have committed to attending a program.

Budget Item In-State Out-of-State
Tuition $1,452 $1852
Program Fees $4,443 $4,443
Non-Refundable Deposit $500 $500
Billable Subtotal $6,395 $6,795

Non-Billable Estimates

Budget Item All Students
Airfare $1,000
Meals $1,100
Personal Expenses $400
Local Transportation $250
Non-Billable Subtotal $2,750

Total In-State: $9,145

Total Out-of-State: $9,545

  • Committed students are registered in SIS by the ISO; bills are visible in the SIS self-service, and are payable to Student Accounts. For more information regarding billing and payments visit: No term statement is issued to students studying abroad.
  • Please refer to the Withdrawal and Refund Policy before committing to your program. Once you have committed, you will be subject to the Withdrawal and Refund Policy. In some cases, there will be no refund available.
  • The University of Virginia reserves the right to adjust all program charges, without prior notification, for increases associated with but not limited to, the cost of instruction, foreign exchange rates, and Board of Visitors changes to tuition and fees.
  • The non-billable items posted above are estimates and will differ for each individual depending on their personal needs, course requirements, and personal choices. Fluctuations in international currency will affect total expenditures.
  • The estimated airfare listed above is based on fares provided online October, 2017, with departure from Dulles International Airport (IAD) and arrival in Dublin (DUB). This is an estimate and fares will change with availability at date of purchase.
  • CISI medical and emergency insurance is included in the program fee.
  • Local transportation necessary to commute to internship sites will cost a minimum 100 euros per month.
  • The cost for personal travel and/or cultural and educational excursions beyond the scope of the program is excluded from the budget. Participants from prior programs recommend planning on 400 euros for extracurricular activities.
  • The cost to obtain a passport and appropriate visas varies with each individual and is not included as part of this budget sheet.
  • The cost of immunization for the area of travel will differ for each individual and has not been included in this budget.

Recruiting Timeline

UIP Dublin Summer 2018 Key Dates:

UIP Dublin Application Open 01/02
Required UIP Interviews (see Education Abroad for instructions) 01/17 - 03/01
Program Selection/Notification (rolling) by 03/01
EUSA Interviews (on Grounds or virtual) Week of 03/23
Required Pre-departure Orientation Week of 04/30
Arrival in Dublin 06/11
Orientation Activities and On-Site Internship Meetings 06/11 - 06/15
UIP Dublin Session Duration 06/18 - 08/02