A virtual internship provides the opportunity for you to work from anywhere at any time. The rise of technology affords many the opportunity to be able to do work from remote locations, including their dorm room or home, without skipping a beat. E-internships or virtual internships have become an attractive option especially if your goal is also to balance part-time employment or coursework.  Evaluating quality is critical in evaluating the merit of a virtual internship experience.  The US Department of State's  Virtual Student Foreign Service is an example of high quality virtual internships and project experiences.  

Virtual Internship Opportunities

How will this help me?

Time and space are no longer barriers when considering gaining experience and virtual internships are becoming more commonplace.  Consider the elements that define quality internships and also internship employer guidelines to evaluate virtual internships.  Virtual internships will help you develop strong project management, communication, and planning skills as you work remotely with a team or in a virtual office environment. 

Will I get paid?

Virtual internships can be paid or unpaid.

Funding Your Internship

Check out Funding Your Internship for scholarship, grant, and awards to help support your expenses related to interning.

Can I receive Academic Credit?

Possibly. Check out Academic Credit for more information and requirements.