The following information supports UIP for 2017-18.  The UVA Internship Placement Program opens recruitment on February 1st and continues the tradition of high quality student internships in Charlottesville.

Explore careers, gain professional experience and skills, and expand your network right here in Charlottesville!  Over 300 internship placements available each year.

The University Internship Program (UIP) is an academic internship program that engages students in educationally-related work and learning experiences locally, nationally, and internationally. Students will have the opportunity to integrate knowledge and theory with practical applications and skill development in an professional setting. Participation is focused on 3rd and 4th year students in good academic standing, but all class years will be considered.  

UVA students are able to integrate academic and applied professional experiences and make societial contributions to the local and global communities, thereby extending the public service mission of the University of Virginia. UIP plays a key role in supporting the University's relationship with the Charlottesville community. Since 1976, the UIP has placed approximately 8,000 UIP interns in public and private sector organizations in the Charlottesville area.

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Option Duration Academic Credit
Academic Year UIP
Charlottesville, VA
30 weeks
Fall & Spring Semester
8 hours total
4 credits per semester
Summer Charlottesville UIP 8 weeks
Summer Semester
4 hours total
Summer Dublin, Ireland UIP 8 weeks
Summer Semester
4 hours total

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Internship Components

All UIP internships are unpaid and for academic credit with two parts: the academic seminar and the supervised professional practice internship. 

Academic Seminar

All interns are assigned to an academic seminar based on the client population they serve or the service area in which they intern. Academic seminars are conducted by a faculty member from either the Psychology or Sociology Department. The weekly seminar will provide interns with a structured classroom environment to actively reflect on their experiences and to discuss and learn about themselves, the workplace, service delivery, and life in organizations.

Seminar focus per semester:

  • 1st Semester Focus:  personal/professional development and understanding work and organizational behavior
  • 2nd Semester Focus:  post-graduate transition topics, and emerging professional, organizational, and community concerns

In the seminar, interns will participate in group and structured learning experiences, group presentations to the class, and write short topic papers and a term paper. The seminar also provides interns with a supportive environment to reflect on events that occur while at their internship and to discuss their experiences with other interns.

Supervised Professional Practice Internship

Through the University Internship Programs, every organization becomes a stimulating educational laboratory. Interns have the opportunity to:

  • Recognize their skills & talents by working with professionals in the public, for-profit, or non-profit sectors
  • Broaden their understanding of the diversity in Charlottesville, other U.S. cities, and abroad
  • Experience first-hand the challenges faced by organizations
  • Prepare themselves for the post-collegiate transition to either graduate school or the workforce

Academic Credit & Grading

Academic Credit

Academic credit is earned through either the Psychology Department or Sociology Department and is regular College credit.

PSYC 4910, 4920 and SOC 4810, and 4820 are 4-credit courses.

  • 70% of your grade is based upon performance in your academic seminar (as evaluated by your instructor)
  • 30% of your grade is based upon performance in the internship (as evaluated by your internship site supervisor)


All students participating in the University Internship Programs receive Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory credit (PSYCH or SOC) during the academic year. Credit will be awarded only if a grade of B- or better is maintained.

  • The credit does NOT satisfy the 3000 and 4000 level seminar requirements for the Sociology major or minor.
  • Up to 9 hours of internship credit (PSYC 4910 or PSYC 4920) may be counted toward the student's major or minor in Psychology; internship credit does NOT satisfy 4000-level seminar requirements.


To be eligible for the University Internship Programs, students must:

  • be an undergraduate student enrolled at the University of Virginia
    *Priority is given to upperclassmen based on spaces available.
  • have an overall and major GPA of at least 2.5
  • be in good academic standing
  • have a clear disciplinary record
  • be able to meet the health, age, academic, security, and/or related internship criteria of the sponsoring organization
  • be willing and able to devote the time and energy necessary to meet UIP's demands

Recruiting Timeline

2017-2018 Season

The following dates apply to the 2017-2018 Academic Year UIP, 2017 Summer Charlottesville UIP, and 2017 Summer Dublin UIP

Summer Cville
Summer Dublin
Application Deadline 02/28/17
UIP Interviews 01/23/17 - 03/12/17
Internship Matching 03/17/17 EUSA matches internships based on student preferences and availability.
EUSA conducts interviews during
Pre-Departure Meeting: 03/23/17
Match Notifications 03/29/17
Match Interviews 
& Accept/Deny Decisions*
03/29/17 - 04/12/17
Academic Orientation 08/21/17 06/11/17 05/03/17
Classes & Internship Start 08/22/17 06/12/17 Housing Move-In: 06/12/17
Program Starts: 06/19/17

* If Match is Declined: rematches initiated when possible until 04/28/17

For more details, please refer to the specific program pages: