One of the most important aspects of preparation for application to law school is to identify and select the schools where you want to apply. It is essential to be an informed consumer as it relates to law school selection! Make sure to learn about and consider the following factors:

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Quantitative Admission Data

  • GPA
  • LSAT Score

Graduate Outcomes

  • Bar Passage Rates
  • Employment Outcomes
    • Required credentials for employment (Bar Passage required, J.D. Advantage, Law School Funded, etc.)
    • Areas of practice (private practice, government, judicial clerkship, public interest, etc.)
    • Location of employment region

Student Experience

  • Location
  • Class size and size of student body
  • Curriculum and grading
  • Faculty
  • Academic program concentrations and specialties
  • Clinics
  • Journals and student activities/organizations
  • Diversity
  • Culture of student experience
  • Does it feel right? Does it fit? Does the school's mission and resources align with your professional and personal interests?


  • Cost of living
  • Tuition and fees
  • Scholarship and aid opportunities

General Tips

  • If you are traveling during the summer or academic year, visit law schools nearby. Try to visit while school is in session so you can attend a class or two and talk with students to get an idea of whether you would be happy at that particular school. When it's time to make your final decision, intuition considerations about a law school environment can be an important factor!
  • Make sure to look beyond a school's reputation. Just because a school is highly ranked does not necessarily mean it will be the right fit for you. A good reputation is important, but not the most important factor.
  • Apply to a range of schools including those where your GPA and LSAT are:
    • lower than the school's means
    • within the school's means
    • higher than the school's means