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Field of Study: The basic principles governing living systems and appreciation of life in a myriad of systems.

Post-Graduate Occupations of past Biology Majors 

  • Agricultural Scientists
  • Air-Pollution Analysts
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Cancer Researchers
  • Clinical Lab Scientists
  • Criminologists
  • Program Analysts
  • Pharmacists, Lawyers

Professional Associations

Build Your Resume

Don't forget to pursue opportunities outside of your schoolwork. Your major is one of many lenses you might use to look at possible careers.  Explore UVA Career Center resources on internships, externships, part-time jobs, and extracurricular activities. Actively participating in these experiences can help clarify current goals and future interests, while building skills that employers want. Below are some ideas on how you can enhance your resume:

  • Become familiar with laboratory procedures, safety, and equipment. Learn to set up, operate, and maintain laboratory equipment in addition to conducting experiments.
  • Seek research experiences with faculty and/or take courses with a lab component.
  • Maintain a high GPA, especially in the sciences, to improve admission chances for graduate and professional programs. Develop strong relationships with potential recommendation writers.
  • Join relevant student and professional organizations. Take on leadership roles and make networking contacts.
  • If interested in bioinformatics, develop strong programming and database management skills. Learn at least one programming language and biological software system.

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