Student Organizations

Paul Vereschchetin '15

Whatever major you choose, try to get the most out of the many extracurricular opportunities the University has to offer. Join student organizations, serve on student government or other boards, do volunteer work, go to networking events of all sorts etc., as much exposure to everything as time allows. You will get a better perspective on what's out there and meet many great people.Paul Vereshchetin, PhDSystems and Information Engineering '15; J&J Scientist with Business Consulting and Policy Experience

Student organizations are a great way to explore career-related interests and develop transferable skills. Investigate student organizations and speak with upperclassmen about their experiences in leadership. Click here to learn about student organizations at the University of Virginia.


Business Community

Marketing/Advertising/PR • Management • Financial Services • Consulting • Information Systems/Data Analytics • Accounting • Actuarial Science • Human Resources • Operations/Logistics

Public Service & Government Community

Community Organizations (Nonprofits, NGOs, Foundations) • International Development and Humanitarianism • Local, State, Tribal and Federal Government • Politics, Policy & Advocacy • International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy • Religious/Spiritual Organizations • Intelligence/Security

Creative Arts, Media, & Design Community

Visual Arts & Design • Performing Arts • Entertainment • Tourism & Culinary Arts • Media/Communications • Arts Management

Education, Counseling, & Youth Development Community

Teaching & Instruction • Human Services (Counseling, Social Work, Disability Services) • Library & Information Science • Training & Development • Student Services • Educational Leadership & Administration • Education Technology & Innovation  

Healthcare Community & Law Initative

Engineering, Science & Technology Community