On-Grounds Interviewing

On-Grounds Interviewing Eligibility

Thank you for taking an interest in University of Virginia students! We would love to help you recruit top talent for your organization. Employers who are hiring candidates for bona fide jobs or internships may interview through UVA's On-Grounds Interview (OGI) Program.

To be eligible to participate in OGI, employers must adhere to the following:

Fall 2021 Recruiting Season 

Full-time and Internship interviews will begin on Monday, September 20thand conclude on Tuesday, December 7thDuring the Fall 2021 semester, virtual interviews may be conducted Monday-Friday. If you are interested in hosting interviews on Grounds, we will be happy to help schedule your in-person interviews on Wednesdays this Fall, beginning September 22nd. Please note that there will be a limited number of rooms available on Wednesdays and social distancing guidelines will apply. 

**Please note that the format for in-Person Wednesday interviews may change should the University provide any additional changes to current policies regarding visitors to Grounds.

Please contact the following offices if you are interested in recruiting Law candidates, MBA candidates, or experienced UVA Alumni.

How to Register for OGI

Each spring, employers begin to schedule interviewing space in our office for the following Fall semester and can reserve dates for the Spring semester beginning in late Fall. Scheduling is administered through a combination of first-come first-serve, and balancing the student recruiting experience. Due to the popularity of UVA students and limited interviewing space, rooms book very quickly.

Please submit an interview schedule request in Handshake to reserve your On-Grounds Interview dates and rooms. For detailed "how to" instructions, please follow this How To Post an Interview Schedule article from Handshake. You will receive a confirmation within 5-7 business days.

Recruiter Interview Schedule Checklist
To optimize your On-Grounds Interview experience, please follow this timeline:

Three Months Before Interview Date

  • Request interview dates and rooms in Handshake
  • Schedule a call with your Account Manager to review your recruiting timeline
  • Receive interview schedule confirmation email

Two Months Before Interview Date

  • Attach jobs to interview schedule(s) if not already complete
    • If you select students as candidates for multiple positions, will you need them to sign up for more than one interview time? If so, you will need to create separate interview schedules.
  • Make sure the appropriate number of interview schedules are requested.

Two-Three Weeks Before Interview Date

  • Review applicant resumes
  • Confirm interview schedule, length of interviews, breaks, and lunch breaks for interviews
  • Cofirm number of rooms needed. Is a greeter suite needed? Any special requests?
  • Make Candidate selections in Handshake
  • Send logistics information to interviewers who will travel to Charlottesville

Two Days Before Interview Date

  • Print student resume packets and bring to interview
  • Confirm all travel logistics

OGI Policies

Bona Fide Work Opportunities

Employers who are hiring candidates for bona fide jobs or internships may interview through the OGI Program. A bona fide job is defined as a professional position, which is salaried (not 100% commission), and does not require the candidate to pay a fee for training, equipment, application procedures or other job-related expenses (this does not apply to federal and state licensing requirements such as real estate, securities, etc.). A draw against future earnings does not constitute a salary.

A bona fide internship opportunity is one where the student works on a project of importance to the organization, receives timely instruction and feedback from the supervisor, and has a mentor-like relationship with someone in the organization who can teach about the organization, in particular, and the industry as a whole.

Employers may only recruit on-Grounds for existing job vacancies or those that will exist by the time a candidate is available for employment with your organization. On-Grounds interviews must be directly scheduled and conducted by the organization's employees, rather than by third party representatives.

    Our team is here to help you with everything you need to know about interviewing students at UVA. To discuss On-Grounds Interviewing opportunities, please call:

    David Lapinski
    Director of Employer Relations
    (434) 924-4865

    Canceled and Late Interview Schedules

    If your organization needs to cancel interview schedules or recruiting dates, please contact the UVA Career Center at (434)924-8900 or Handshake@virginia.edu.
    For the benefit of the students, we require that employers who cancel interview schedules contact students directly.

    Testing Policy

    UVA Career Center's facilities are to be used by employers solely for the purpose of interviewing with students. Employers who need to conduct employment-related tests should make arrangements for testing facilities at nearby hotels or contact the UVA Test Center Administrator, Bullett Palmer, at mjp6t@virginia.edu for assistance.

    Employers who do decide to conduct tests at nearby hotels are required to follow the guidelines set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Employment professionals must advise UVA Career Center of any test conducted. Employment professionals must advise students in a timely fashion of the type and purpose of the test.

    Two-on-One Interviews

    Since this may be the first formal interview that a student has ever had, UVA requires that employers inform students of this recruiting strategy within the context of the job description that is posted online.

    Student No-Show Policy

    The UVA Career Center treats “no shows” very seriously. Students who are reported as “no shows” by an employer are immediately made ineligible for the On-Grounds Interviewing Program. In order to regain eligibility, students are required to write a letter of explanation and apology to your firm, and to meet individually with appropriate departmental Career Center staff. All students are required to agree to these policies prior to participating in On-Grounds Interviewing.

    Directions and Map

    Interviews that are taking place at Bryant Hall will take place at 1815 Stadium Road. Map of the university.

    Bryant Hall Parking

    Interviewers will need to park in a non-metered space on the top floor of the Parking Deck located on Stadium Road (in the E3 section only). Parking passes will be given out in the main floor lobby (2nd floor). Once employers have placed the parking pass in their car, they will then proceed to the 4th floor suite level for check-in. If parking passes are not available in the lobby, employers should proceed directly to the 4th floor to receive them.

    1815 Stadium Road
    Charlottesville, VA 22903
    Bryant Hall Map & Directions





    Looking for a place to stay during your recruiting visit at the University of Virginia? Check out some of the local accommodations below. Please note that the University does not endorse these establishments, but provides this list of nearby accommodations for your convenience.


    On the Corner/University Area

    Luxury Resorts

    By the Downtown Mall

    In Charlottesville

    More to Explore

    David Lapinski, Director of Employer Relations and Experiential Education

    UVA offers a wide variety of large career events to meet the needs of organizations recruiting UVA students. 

    Handshake is UVA's online recruiting portal. Post jobs or internships, register for Career Fairs, manage your On-Grounds Interviewing, and more!