Diversity Liaisons

The UVA Career Center is committed to accommodating the diverse needs of the student body. The Diversity Liaisons are undergraduate students who serve as liaisons between employers and historically marginalized communities within the University. With hundreds of student organizations across Grounds, they serve as the direct bridge between companies and student populations. As members of the student body themselves, the main goal of the Diversity Liaisons centers around helping recruiters diversify their workforce while educating the student population on different career paths and opportunities. 

As a sponsor of the program, your funding supports student ambassadors within student clubs. These student ambassadors are selected to represent their clubs on a diversity council. The council convenes prior to the start of each semester and twice during the fall and spring to provide a forum for open communication between key recruiting partners and club leadership. The council advises employers on recruiting strategies and helps to promote career opportunities to students across Grounds. In addition to the council meetings, the student team collaborates with the UVA Career Center to host Diversity Recruiting Fairs each semester and as liaisons, they actively promote these fairs to their clubs.


  • Facilitate connections with student organizations across Grounds
  • Coordinate custom career-related programs (see examples listed below) 
  • Communicate upcoming events, internship/job postings, and upcoming opportunities through weekly newsletters to relevant student organizations  
  • Learn how best ways to articulate your company's values and opportunities through feedback directly from the Diversity Liaisons 

Examples of Program Partnerships


In partnering with Capital One, a diverse group of panelists spoke about their experiences in their careers. They offered students advice on how to overcome challenges in the workplace. This platform offered the company an opportunity to show their diversity and inclusion efforts. It also provided students with a welcoming environment to network with recruiters.


A team of recruiters presented a skill development workshop for students to learn about Design Thinking as it applies to their careers. Students had an opportunity to learn about the company’s recruitment opportunities and ask questions about the company.


Students had the opportunity to enhance their skills while having one-on-one interactions with employers. This event introduced students to the company’s everyday use of various skills. It also provided a platform for students to network and learn about recruitment opportunities.

Diversity Liaison Sponsorship

Employers who are interested in this unique sponsorship package, please contact David Lapinski, Director of Employer Relations and Experiential Education at [email protected]. Funding from this sponsorship will be used to support Student Diversity Ambassadors to help employers with diversity outreach and programming. 

Sponsorship: $5,000

  • Early Registration for Recruiting
  • Title Sponsorship on the Diversity Liaison Program
  • Participation in the Diversity and Club Ambassador Council with student leaders
  • Registration for the Fall and Spring Diversity and Club Career Fairs 
  • Resume Books 
  • Facebook Promotion for up to 2 info sessions/events
  • Event Pinning in Handshake for up to 2 info sessions/events
  • Targeted email for Fall and Spring Positions
  • Company Logo on Diversity Liason Page of UVA Website

Best Practices in Diversity Recruiting


Diversity Liason Sponsor Organizations