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Roles and Work Environment

Education technology can be used to support learning and teaching in K-12, higher education, adult education and more. Roles in education technology can be very diverse, as are the work environments. Here are some paths to consider if you are interested in education technology:

  • Schools or School Districts
  • Nonprofits
  • Startups
  • For-Profit Companies

In a local school district, you may find education technology roles where you are working with students and teachers on technology integration (e.g., Instructional Technology Resource Teacher). In a nonprofit, you may be working to teach students technology skills to prepare them for college or to provide access to technology (e.g., Computers4Kids). In a startup or for-profit company, you may be developing, selling, or helping teachers implement education technology products. Here are some examples of ed tech companies and incubators:

Skills and Training

The skills you need in this field will vary depending on your role (e.g., curriculum development vs writing computer programs). Here are some skills you may consider developing if you are interested in working in ed tech:

  • Public speaking & ability to pitch ideas
  • Resiliency & flexibility
  • Innovative & creative thinking
  • Self-starting & taking initiative
  • Knowledge of education curriculum
  • Basic coding skills

Industry Timeline

The hiring timeline in education technology depends on the type of role you are applying for. More tech-heavy organizations or positions may recruit earlier in the fall, but most education, nonprofit, and startups tend to post jobs in the spring or on an ongoing basis. Meet with a career counselor if you have specific questions.

Find Opportunities

EdSurge Job Board: EdSurge Inc. is an educational technology company that publishes newsletters and operates databases used by venture capitalists, teachers, school administrators and others.

Applying and Interviewing

Resumes and Cover Letters

Make sure to check out the Resumes and Cover Letters sections of the website for helpful advice and sample resumes and cover letters.


If you have never interviewed before, make sure to check out the interviewing section of our website. You can also conduct a mock interview with a career counselor for practice.

Additional Industry Resources

Blogs and Industry Research

Professional Associations

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