CR/NC Option for Pre-Health Students at UVA

Claire Hampton

First, we would like to commend you on your resiliency and nimbleness with this transition to virtual courses and social distancing. We know a lot of you are trying to learn more about what the CR/NC option will mean for your pre-health journey. As members of the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP), we are monitoring updates and gathering the most accurate information to provide to you. As of October 27, 2020, here is what we can provide:

Here are our recommendations and considerations:

  • Some health profession programs have stated that they will not accept CR/NC for Pre-Health pre-requisites for Fall 2020
  • Students should complete their courses as if they are going to get letter grades, prior to making their final decision on CR/NC during the week of November 2-6, 2020.
  • If you are considering CR/NC for a major requirement, we highly encourage you to meet with your advisor or department to ensure you will meet your curriculum requirements and stay on track to graduate.
  • In most cases, Pre-Health Advisors will encourage students to take a letter grade for Pre-Health pre-requisite courses in which they expect to get a grade above a C.
    • However, circumstances are different for every student, so this decision needs to be made on an individual basis. If you are considering taking CR/NC for a Pre-Health pre-requisite course, we highly recommend speaking with a Pre-Health Advisor to discuss your options, prior to making your final decision 
  • Because schools are updating their policies as the pandemic progresses, pre-health students should research their top schools of interest for updates regarding accepting CR/NC due to COVID-19 - see resources below
  • If a student has extenuating circumstances ( ex. displaced by pandemic, low access to internet, personal illness or serving as a caretaker for someone who is ill, etc.), then taking CR/NC is a viable option that can and should be explained. 
  • If a student has a grade that is lower than expected and choose the CR/NC option, they should be ready to explain how the experience of this public health event has affected their academic experience
  • If choosing CR/NC for courses, regardless of the reason, schools will view those courses in context with the rest of your transcript. Therefore, when considering the option, think about how your academic abilities will be conveyed through your full transcript and graduate exam score. 
  • Pre-Health Advisors are available for consultation on any individual student situation. Meet us at Virtual Drop-Ins (Mon-Thurs 12-4PM) for a Zoom meeting in real time. Or schedule an appointment through Handshake or by calling 434-924-8900.

Explanation of each grade as approved by the Provost: 

  • Credit (CR): awarded if you meet the class’s requirements for credit (C or higher). For Spring 2020 only, CR will meet all undergraduate degree requirements, including pre-requisites, general education, major, minor, etc. CR will not affect your GPA.
  • General Credit (GC): awarded if you receive a passing grade below a C. GC will earn the credit hours associated with the course and will fill undergraduate requirements that can be met by a passing grade lower than C. GC will not affect your GPA.
  • No Credit (NC): awarded if you receive a grade of F. This grade will not earn credit or meet any requirements. NC will not affect your GPA.
  • NOTE: There will be an explanation of this CR/GC/NC system on your transcript that schools would be able to view. 

Here are some resources to keep you as updated as possible: