Do you desire a fast-paced and challenging work environment where your work directly impacts others?  Like streamlining complex processes or resolving emerging issues? The Healthcare Career Community in conjunction with Pre-Health Advising at the UVA Career Center provides a cohesive experience for students interested in exploring both clinical roles as well as roles in the areas of Health Administration/Management, Health Information, Assessment and Insurance, Public Health, Health Policy, and Health Promotion/Wellness. 

Learn more about what to expect from pursuing a career in the various facets that make up healthcare.  Get a sense for the types of work environments, skills and salaries that are associated with work in this area.

Learn best practices, tips and tricks for job-seekers in this industry. Understand timelines and what to expect when interviewing for Healthcare focused roles.

Efficiency is critical to maximizing your time, energy, and results when job searching. Identifying and familiarizing yourself with industry specific resources will streamline your search process. Here are some foundational tools and resources to explore various careers in Healthcare.

Use this section to find more detailed information on the different options, trends, occupations, and professional associations within each industry, and get a better understanding of what work in each of these sectors entails.