Engaging in opportunities outside of the classroom is pivotal to developing as a professional.  Pursuing experiences will not only help you develop your resume and associated materials, but will also help you clarify the kind of work and environments that will be most satisfactory to you.  The resources below provide options to pursue on Grounds, around town and beyond.  For general advice about navigating the job or internship search, visit the Jobs and Internships section of our website. For job boards and opportunities specific to Engineering Science and Technology, visit the Resources By Industry page.

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Research experiences provide meaningful ways to engage with a subject in a variety of fields.  This hands-on experience in a lab or in the field can make you more competitive for graduate school, or for positions in industry.  Participating in research will allow you to better understand your own interests, and allow you to network with leaders in the field and others with similar backgrounds and interests.  The links below are a list of research opportunities, funding sources, and established programs that help connect students to research.  Many of these options are available at UVA, and it's always a good idea to contact faculty and advisors who are conducting research on Grounds and ask about opportunities they might have in their labs and classrooms.

Internship & Fellowship Programs

Like gaining research experience, getting involved in an internship is a fantastic way to test out different industries and different roles.  Internship experiences in Engineering, Science and Technology will allow you to apply classroom learning and research to various sectors in business and other arenas.  Internships and Fellowships can also provide specific professional development and training that might not be available otherwise.  The list below is a small sample of the types of internships available in Engineering, Science and Technology.  The Center for Engineering Career Development may also have links to internship opportunities in the sciences. Because many fellowship programs are administered via the Federal Government, it can also be helpful to review the application and selection process information on the Public Service and Government Pages. Finding a mentor is also an excellent way to broaden your knowledge of an industry and connect to relevant experiences.  Sign up for Virginia Alumni Mentoring to connect to UVA alums in the field who are ready to educate undergrads about the world of work. 

On Grounds and Community Organizations and Activities

Internships and fellowships are not the only way to gain substantive experience in your industry of interest.  Participating in student run organizations and initiatives on Grounds and in the community is a wonderful way to deepen your engagement with Engineering Science and Technology.  By joining an organization you can expand your network of like-minded students, be the first to hear about relevant internships and other experiential opportunities, and truly round out your educational experience at the University.  It is important to remember that when choosing activities in college, depth is better than breadth.  Find one or two activities to become deeply involved in, rather than several in which you have shallow involvement.  The list below is only a sampling of organizations on Grounds related to Engineering Science and Technology.  Search the @UVA portal to find organizations and activities of interest.