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UVA Involvement & Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience in teaching, training, mentoring, and counseling roles. For example, participating in one of the various mentoring or peer education programs at UVA can help you develop helping and advising skills. There are many service-oriented organizations that support Education, Counseling, & Youth Development programs here on-grounds and locally in Charlottesville.

Internships, Fellowships & Teaching Corps Programs

Gaining experience in Education, Counseling, & Youth Development can sometimes be tricky as you must be licensed in order to teach or counsel students in many positions. It's also hard to find summer internships when many schools are closed during the summer. Get creative about ways to work with youth and gain experience - perhaps working at a summer camp, tutoring, or interning in the education department of an art museum. Substitute teaching at your local high school during winter break is a great way to get paid and gain experience. Shadowing a licensed professional in social work or related field is a good way to become familiar with the profession.

The job search in these fields will vary depending on the type of position you are looking for. Remember to do your research - examine the various types of work environments, determine what education or certification is required based on the job or state regulations, and remember to think about positions that are outside the typical environment. 

Here are some examples of internships and job boards in the Education, Counseling, & Youth Development field. Make sure to check out the Jobs & Internships section of our website for information about how to effectively search and apply for positions and reach out to our Internship Center with questions. 

Internships and Summer Opportunities

Research Opportunities 

Fellowships and Teaching Corps Programs

Independent Schools: Co-Teaching and Internship Programs

Nonprofit Job & Internship Boards

  • Idealist.org - Internship, volunteer and job opportunities in nonprofits and government agencies across the country.
  • ConnectVA - Internship, volunteer and job opportunities in nonprofits in Richmond and Central Virginia.
  • The Center for Nonprofit Excellence - Internship, volunteer and job opportunities in Charlottesville and the surrounding area. Check out the member directory for contacts at local organizations.

Teaching Abroad

Teaching overseas is a great way to gain teaching experience, test out the profession, improve your language skills, and become immersed in another culture. There are many different avenues and organizations you can go through to teach abroad - here are a few programs and resources we recommend. 

Graduate School Programs

There are a variety of graduate school programs you might be interested in within the Education, Counseling, & Youth Development field, including but not limited to a Master's in Teaching degree. Check out programs at the UVA Curry School of Education or attend our Graduate & Professional School Fair in the fall semester to learn more about graduate school programs. MastersinEducation.net provides some information about obtaining your M.Ed., and the Special Education Guide website provides information about masters degrees in Special Education. You can also search for a graduate program in higher education, student affairs, and related fields through the Student Affairs Graduate Program Directory.

Unique Graduate School Programs - Teaching

Funding Ideas for Graduate School (Teaching)