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UVA Involvement & Volunteering

Both UVA and the greater Charlottesville area have a vast amount of unique opportunities that are an ideal way to introduce yourself to, strengthen your knowledge of, and / or specialize your skills pertaining to creative arts industries.

Jobs, Internships, & Fellowships

For some, practical experience is what sets one candidate apart from another. Job, internship, and fellowship opportunities can be found in many locations and organizations— from UVA grounds to Los Angeles, universities to private entities. Below are a few resources to peruse. More specific resources can be found in the Resources by Industry directory.

Graduate Programs & Skill-Based Training

Many students enjoy pursuing a higher degree in their respective fields. A graduate school and / or skill-based experience has the potential to create opportunities for students dedicated to their specified interest. Below are examples of advanced degrees for creative arts, media, and design-focused students.

Graduate School

Local Opportunities

Online Options

Gig-Based & Freelance Work

If you are looking for a variety of clients, flexible hours, and self-promotion experience, gig-based and freelance work might be a good fit for you. Resources devoted to this type of experience are below.

Grants & Residencies

Applying for a grant and/or residency is a great way to earn recognition for your creative talent, receive instruction from industry leaders, and grow in terms of your personal talent. While there are numerous grants and residencies available both domestically and abroad, below are a few from various creative arts, media, and design fields.