Want to Work in Charlottesville? Here Are 4 Can't Miss Resources!

Career Administrator

In addition to being the home of our beloved university, Charlottesville is a great city to live, play, and work in. Whether you are hoping to find work during the academic year to pay for school expenses or if you want to stay in the city after graduation, check out some of the local opportunities below to jump-start your employment search in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area.

On-Grounds Employment Resources


Handshake is one of the best job search platforms to use whether you are interested in working on-grounds or in the immediate area during the academic year. To find jobs on-grounds, log onto Handshake, click on the “Jobs & Internships” tab, then filter “Job Type” by “On Campus Student Employment.” To find jobs that are located in the general Charlottesville area (or places nearby), click on the “Jobs & Internships” tab, then simply enter a zip code into the “Location” search box (i.e. “22904”).

Email Newsletters

Did you know that checking your email can lead to numerous opportunities all over Grounds? Many departments, offices, and CIOs include a jobs/internships section in their weekly newsletters so just signing up for a few can lead you to many relevant options. Some useful list-servs include: UVA Connections, Multicultural Student Center Weekly Newsletter, and more. You can also sign up for various newsletters within the UVA Career Center as well. Join one of our many different Career Communities to find industry specific opportunities (there is also a Diversity Digest available to students from various backgrounds). Log onto Handshake and update your “Career Interests” to sign up for the Career Community newsletters.

Charlottesville Area Employment Resources


If you are interested in working for UVA after graduation, search through the UVA Human Resources jobs database first to find open positions. While this database is pretty inclusive of all the major departments throughout the university, it also helps to go on the specific websites of other offices (i.e. UVA Health System) to find even more potential opportunities.


Job board and postings sites are great resources that provide a lot of available opportunities in one place. There are many helpful ones for the Charlottesville area that you can look through to find a position that best fits your interests and needs. It might be surprising to find out just how many organizations there are in Charlottesville that are hiring!

City of Charlottesville Jobs Board

If you are interested in a local government job in the Charlottesville area, be sure to check out the City of Charlottesville Jobs Board to find open positions for a variety of industry areas (i.e. Administration, Engineering, Human Services, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Development, etc.).

Monticello Avenue

To find a list of the many different organizations in Charlottesville, be sure to browse through the “Local Employment Opportunities” offered by Monticello Avenue, which includes some of the most well-known companies and institutions in the area (i.e. Booz|Allen|Hamilton, Martha Jefferson Hospital, Monticello, Northrup Grumman, Piedmont Virginia Community College, etc.). While the listings are comprehensive, they are by no means all inclusive of all the available opportunities in Charlottesville, so be sure to keep your eye out for other organizations that might be hiring.

While these are some of the most helpful local employment resources, they are not representative of all the possible opportunities available to you at UVA and in Charlottesville. Make sure to keep applying and networking with local professionals so that you can maximize your job search!

Additionally, one of the most helpful resources for your career development is your university career center, so don’t forget to stop by Newcomb 170 on M-F from 12-5p for open office hours with a career counselor to talk about your resume, cover letter, interviewing skills, or the job search process itself. You can also schedule a one-hour appointment with a career counselor in Bryant Hall via Handshake under “Appointments.”