Virginia Alumni Mentoring Experience with Kay Khosbayar

Career Administrator

We sat down with Kay Khosbayar, a third year Foreign Affairs and Russian Studies major, who recently connected with a mentor through the Virginia Alumni Mentoring Program.

Current Home: Fairfax, VA

The greatest musician of all time: Panic at The Disco (they disbanded)

In your free time, we will find you: Planning my next trip abroad

Why did you want to pursue a mentor-mentee relationship?

I wanted a mentor who could provide me with advice on how to best tackle the internship search process. I also wanted to learn more about the day-to-day of a professional working in the government and non-profit field, and how I can best position myself now to achieve my career goal in the future.

How has your mentor helped you?

My mentor helped me alleviate some of my initial fears about finding a summer internship. A few of my peers had already found internships, and I felt behind in the process. She calmed me down, and provided me with helpful resources and networks to make my search process easier. During our first call, we talked for 2 hours, and laid out a tangible action plan of things to do before our next call. She also offered to connect me with professionals in her network to help me find my dream internship in D.C this summer.

What advice would you give people who are just starting their mentorship experience?

Set expectations with your mentors early on. During your first meeting, discuss plans on when and how often you want to communicate with your mentor. That way, you’ll have a better understanding about your mentor’s schedule and set the right tone for the relationship to unfold successfully. Also, don’t feel limited to having one mentor. The Virginia Alumni Mentoring database provides students with access to alums from various majors, careers, and backgrounds. Reach out to multiple mentors and take advantage of the diverse group of UVA graduates.