UVA School of Medicine Symposium: The True Impact of Bias on Health and Wellness in America

This symposium reflects the commitment of the University of Virginia to host authentic and thoughtful dialogue on the impact of unconscious bias on the health and wellness of individuals, populations, and communities. The program brings together nationally-known experts with members of the University and larger community to share knowledge and experience and to take steps to develop problem-focused solutions. The multi-disciplinary approach will allow for a comprehensive understanding of where bias originates, why it exists, and how to mitigate its influence on our actions and interactions with others, as well as to minimize the impact on health and wellness overall.

Date: March 15-16th
Location: Newcomb Hall

The registration cost is $25 for students
Register here: https://cmetracker.net/UVACME/Catalog?sessiontype=C

**The UVA Vice President of Student Affairs, Pat Lampkin, has graciously offered to pay participation fees for up to 25 students. Indicate your interest using this form.
First-come, first-serve.