UVA Development Hub

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The UVA Dev Hub was founded by Vice President of Information Technology, Ron Hutchins under the leadership of Gloria Felicia and Nadim El-jaroudi, with the help a group of 5 student interns. It is a platform for students to finalize their startup ideas, learn how to code, and build websites as well as mobile apps for their projects. UVA Dev Hub, which stands for “Development Hub,” seeks to solve two major problems that often prevent students from launching their ideas:

  • Inadequate access to mentorship and guidance
  • Lack of a platform to find other students interested in collaborating

By connecting students with the right resources and providing them the required training, the UVA Dev Hub aims to inspire confidence amongst young entrepreneurs and aspiring developers. It provides an opportunity for all members of the University of Virginia community to collaborate on applications and solutions that benefit the campus.

Below is an excerpt of a conversation with co-founder Gloria Felicia:

What are some of the resources offered by the Dev hHb?

The UVA Dev Hub offer mentorship and guidance to students with their startup ideas, through one-on-one sessions and online tutorials. Once students have finalized their ideas, they are assisted with coding their website and their apps.The Dev Hub makes several University databases such as UBike, UVAschedule.me, and UVA Facilities available through it’s APIs and their documentation hosted at www.devhub.virginia.edu. These data points can be used for students’ mobile apps or web app projects completely free of cost!

This semester, the Dev Hub plans on conducting a number of workshops on topics like How to Create Your Own Website under $100, How To Translate Your Idea into a Prototype, and a Crash Course on iOS Development using Swift. The goal is to provide the right resources that will help accelerate projects to strengthen the UVA entrepreneurial and tech community.

How can students get involved with UVA Dev Hub?

All students have to do is:

  1. Email the UVA Dev Hub at devhub@virginia.edu to be added to the List-Serv and Slack
  2. Sign up on www.devhub.virginia.edu to access the APIs and coding tutorials
  3. Post your idea or project / search through the available projects on www.apps.virginia.edu

They regularly share updates about upcoming scholarships, internships, hackathons, jobs, and workshops through Slack. The Dev Hub also facilitates collaboration between members on various projects. So stay tuned!

How does the Dev Hub plan on expanding its presence in the future?

Apart from the series of workshops offered, the Dev Hub is launching a platform where students can find interesting projects to work on along with the right technical co-founder/developers for their idea on www.apps.virginia.edu. Hopefully, this platform will serve as an online community for all things related to App development on Grounds.

Opportunities for those looking for a job in Fall 2018! >>

UVA Dev Hub is looking for 3 student interns ($15 hourly pay rate!) starting Fall 2018 with job-shadowing required this semester (Spring 2018) in the following positions:

  • Graphic Design and Marketing
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development

The vision is for the Dev Hub to be entirely student-run in the near future. So if you do have a passion in technology and entrepreneurship, please email devhub@virginia.edu to schedule an interview.