UVA Career IDEAs Externship Program: Brown University

Career Administrator

I had the amazing opportunity to be an extern at Brown University’s Graduate School Office during the 2018 J-term. I was able to meet and shadow professionals who are currently working in career fields within higher education. From data analysis to student services to
directing programs for students, there are many ways to be a part of higher education. This externship opened my eyes to the myriad of avenues I can pursue to reach my dream to advocate for and help students. Throughout the week, I met with knowledgeable professionals within various graduate programs at Brown University. I was able to participate in meetings, dialogues, and observations. This gave me the chance to ask questions, explore ideas, and network with deans and other college administrators. The valuable advice I received helped me firm up my thoughts regarding postgraduate education and career pursuits. Hearing from real people about their experiences in teaching and advising students in a collegiate environment gave me valuable insight as I think about the type of career I want in the future. Everyone I met was helpful and kind. Each of their career and educational journeys was different. Some people had law degrees, some had Masters Degrees, and others had PhD Degrees. Some people had switched from previous careers in order to work in higher education, while others had always planned on it. Some people took gap years, while others immediately pursued their graduate degree. It was reassuring to realize that my own educational path will also be unique.
This externship caused me to become even more interested in working in higher education. The hands on experience I received was incredible and I am very grateful to have hadthis opportunity. I am going to continue to look for internship and job opportunities that align
with my interests in social work and education. I will also continue to think about ways I can pursue a graduate degree. As a result, I will inquire about the different 5-year Masters Degree Programs that are offered at UVA.

The Career IDEAs Externship Program aims to connect students with meaningful externship opportunities in J-Term and during the Summer months. Students apply to the program via Handshake and get selected by an externship site that will help them explore the industry of their choice. The program is open to all students, but priority will be given to those who have not had an externship or internship experience. The following groups are especially encouraged to apply: 2nd and 3rd years who are first-generation college students and part of under-represented populations.  Learn more about the program.  Applications Open In March for Summer 2018! This program is made possible due to partnership with the UVA IDEA Fund.  Learn more about the IDEA Fund here.